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Private Chefs

Our private chefs bring over twenty years of culinary mastery to the table. Enjoy Asian and Latin American influences that enliven local offerings from land and sea. Savor the uniqueness of regional cuisine made from fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Our Costa Rica private chefs are our culinary ambassadors; for special dish requests, please allow us advanced notice.

Caribbean Cravings

Our Costa Rica private chefs take gastronomy to rare heights, using ingredients that are sourced from our corner of the world. Delicate sashimi, tender ceviche, a vegan spread, and a multi-course regional feast are treats that await famished travelers. If you require special preparations, let us know in advance, and we’ll prepare you five-star fare, on your own terms.

Should your taste buds take you into town, below are some not-to-miss spots that will satisfy a cornucopia of cravings.