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Private Chefs

Our private chefs bring over twenty years of culinary mastery to the table. Enjoy Asian and Latin American influences that enliven local offerings from land and sea. Savor the uniqueness of regional cuisine made from fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Our Costa Rica private chefs are our culinary ambassadors; for special dish requests, please allow us advanced notice.

Caribbean Cravings

Our Costa Rica private chefs take gastronomy to rare heights, using ingredients that are sourced from our corner of the world. Delicate sashimi, tender ceviche, a vegan spread, and a multi-course regional feast are treats that await famished travelers. If you require special preparations, let us know in advance, and we’ll prepare you five-star fare, on your own terms.
Should your taste buds take you into town, below are some not-to-miss spots that will satisfy a cornucopia of cravings.
Cappuccino at CasaTeresa Luxury Villa

The Bakery

Considered by many to be the best bakery in Santa Teresa, The Bakery serves European and American baked delights for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. At Casa Teresa, having a Costa Rica private chef lets you start the day off right: enjoying a delectable breakfast, in relaxation. But you’ll be thankful that you set aside a morning to indulge in The Bakery’s French toast and cakes.
Exotic Sushi at restaurant in Casa Teresa Luxury Villa

Katana Asian Cuisine

Perfectly prepared potstickers, peerless pad thai, and unforgettably fresh oysters are reasons to visit Katana, and many more await. Refined Asian flavors are presented in a relaxed, beachfront atmosphere that radiates a contemporary, coastal vibe. If your taste buds are attuned to Asian culinary art, come hungry, and ready to explore a range of creative dishes.
Orange Mocktail


Even for travelers who stay in Costa Rica villas with a chef, Habaneros is worthy of a culinary excursion. Located In the luxurious Playa Cielo hotel, the restaurant serves up a mastery of Mexican and Latin cuisine, highlighted by the catch of the day, and the fresh-fruit margarita. Sunday Funday Beach Party rolls from the afternoon until the evening, every Sunday of the month.
koji restaurant sign


This trendy restaurant is an absolute must for newcomers and locals alike. Koji’s is inspired by the Japanese kitchen, serving delectable sushi, tempura, and more. You never know what specials might strike your fancy: Their ever-evolving dishes change according to what’s available on the day and in the season. You know you’ll be getting the peak of freshness and local flavor when you order. See what has made Koji’s such a hotspot in Santa Teresa.
Food 01

Al Chile Viola

Possessed of a romantic air that the view from the road conceals, Al Chile Viola’s rusticity befits its bonafide Mediterranean cuisine. Rated a top 5 restaurant in Santa Teresa by tripadvisor, the eatery serves world class Italian seafood, including what many patrons consider to be pasta at its international best. Vegetarian and vegan delights help diversify the consummate feast.