Our Guide to Peak Tourist Season In Costa Rica

woman in bikini jumping off rocks into waterfall pool

With an abundance of different microclimates and thousands of ways to get out and explore, there is really no bad time to visit Costa Rica. There are, however, certain seasons where tourists will flock to beaches or rain might wash you out of an activity.

Costa Rica has two major seasons: wet and dry. The main tourist season in Costa Rica occurs during the dry season, which occurs between December to April. The rainy season (or green season), which runs between May to November, is still a great time to visit if you want to avoid crowds or save on certain attractions.

Here are some tips for when you should visit Costa Rica throughout the year.

The Dry Season

While the dry season provides the ideal weather conditions for you to be able to enjoy most outdoor experiences, this also is the busiest tourist season in Costa Rica.

At the tail end of the rainy season in December, tourists flock in for a destination Christmas vacation. The same is true of the beginning of January, where tourists stay for New Year’s and winter vacation if they’re coming from the northern hemisphere. While this is one of the best times of year to enjoy warm and sunny weather, accommodation and experiences will be near capacity and sometimes overbooked. This is also one of the best times of year for whale watching.

In Costa Rica, tourists also flood in around Easter and Spring Break season during February and March. To avoid this, and also snag the fantastic weather, try to visit at the end of January or the beginning of February. Always book lodging and experiences well in advance!

April is the end of the dry season in most parts of Costa Rica, and it can also be quite hot. On the Pacific coast, this is one of the last times to try and catch turtles hatching. Costa Rica tourists will still be filtering in from spring break and Easter at this time, but it is one of the most fantastic times of year to visit.

The Wet (Green) Season

May is when the tourist season in Costa Rica begins to dip, as well as the temperatures. June, July, and August are typically rainy, but there are periods of brief sunshine and generally manageable temperatures. This is still a great time of year to go if you don’t mind occasional sprinkles.

September, October, and November are the height of the wet season, especially on the Pacific coast. However, no crowds and the abundance of rain means the surfing and wildlife are fantastic!

The rainy season means yes, there will be fewer Costa Rica tourists, but the vegetation will also be the most lush and the national parks and attractions will be much less crowded. There is really no bad time to experience the Pura Vida.

Book Your Stay In Advance

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