Our Guide to Peak Tourist Season In Costa Rica

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With an abundance of different microclimates and thousands of ways to get out and explore, there is always a good reason to visit Costa Rica. That said, depending on what especially draws you to this tropical gem, there are optimal times of year. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you answer which of the  tourist seasons in Costa Rica appeals to you most, and how to make your dreams into an adventurous reality.

What is the Height of Costa Rica’s Tourist Season? 

Like many tropical regions, Costa Rica has two major seasons: wet and dry. The dry season in Costa Rica, occurring between December to April, is the main tourist season in Costa Rica.

The dry season, particularly around December to early January, provides the ideal weather conditions for enjoying most outdoor experiences, such as snorkeling, whale watching, beach time, and hiking. In addition, it’s an optimal way to take a break from colder northern hemisphere weather.

If you time your vacation close to April, its warmest month, it is also an exciting time to watch turtles hatching and partake in other memorable opportunities that draw so many tourists to Costa Rica. 

Because this main tourist season in Costa Ricas is one of the best times of year to enjoy warm and sunny weather, please note that accommodations and experiences can be booked out especially quickly! 

When is Costa Rica’s “Off-Season?”

Is there ever such a thing in Costa Rica? If your idea of “off” means spending some quality time to unplug and enjoy pristine beauty without the crowds, then look for time in Costa Rica outside the main tourist season.  

May marks the start of the “wet” or “green” season, and it’s around this time the number of tourists in Costa Rica declines along with the temperatures – by “cooler temperatures,” this usually means lows around a still-balmy 23 Celcius, or 73 degrees Fahrenheit. The wet, or rainy season, is perfect for those looking to escape unbearable heat in northern hemisphere summers while enjoying even more privacy and intimacy. June, July, and August start off the rainy season.

To even better appreciate the beauty of the wet season, and additionally enjoy the surfing and wildlife with beaches and jungles nearly all to yourself, September, October, and November are the height of the wet season on the Nicoya Peninsula’s Pacific Coast. The vegetation will also be the most lush and, weather permitting, the national parks and attractions will be much less crowded. 

In essence, the Pura Vida is for every season!

What kinds of activities are best for which season? 

For more quiet vacations, such as for private retreats, intimate getaways, including special events, relaxed shopping, or enjoying the surf without the crowds, it’s best to take advantage of a less crowded tourist season in Costa Rica and plan your visit around months such as September, October, or November.

If you want to optimize your time outdoors, including adventures such as whale watching, ATV rides, hiking, and dancing under the stars without getting rained out, your best option is to opt for the dry season. That said, since Casa Teresa prioritizes privacy at any time of year, no matter how exuberant the Costa Rica tourists, your home-away-from-home will still be exclusively yours. 

And of course, just like with any travel, locals know best! When you are planning your trip at Casa Teresa Luxury Villa, our concierge staff will ensure that any time you visit is relaxing and rejuvenating.

What can I expect from Casa Teresa Luxury Villa Accommodations?

No matter the season, Casa Teresa is the ideal location for a luxurious getaway to enjoy meticulously designed luxury, including world-class architecture, all the amenities to make your stay relaxing and joyfully memorable, and the most pristine areas of the beach right outside your window. 

At Casa Teresa, you will enjoy 4,700 square feet, or 436 square meters, of meticulously designed luxury. Not to be outdone, the even more spacious Casa Teresa Grande takes luxury vacation rentals to the next level, offering 16,000 square feet (about 1500 square meters), of rooms, amenities to fully treat yourself, gardens, and pools all to yourself and anyone you choose to share it with. Even at the highest peak of the Costa Rican tourist season, you will always be rest assured that your getaway will be one you’ll treasure forever.

In addition to concierge assistance with booking your activities, Casa Teresa also offers wellness offerings such as meditation and yoga, as well as through its fitness center with the option to work with a private trainer. Security is top-priority, and the pristine infinity pool and cozy home movie theater will be sure to delight as well.

Additionally, while numerous exciting restaurants are within easy walking distance of the villa, you also have an option to truly take in the seasons by cooking a meal in the kitchen spaces, or hiring a private chef who can tailor your menu to personal tastes, dietary needs, and to highlight seasonal Costa Rican delicacies.

Luxury for you, any time of year.

Whether you choose to take advantage of the main tourist season in Costa Rica, and stay at Casa Teresa as your springboard to adventure, or you choose to make Casa Teresa your main destination, you will be sure to be delighted.
 Contact us today to get planning a trip for all seasons.