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As our guest, you’ll have easy access to guided meditation and Yoga in Santa Teresa. We’ll arrange for instructors to visit you at the villa, where your party can form a group session, or you can hold a one-on-one. Feel free to bring accessories for either pursuit, or place a request with our concierge for the products you need.

Vacations are usually intended to be relaxing, but they often send you home tired. At Casa Teresa, your visit can be a Costa Rica wellness retreat, where meditation and yoga are combined or performed solo, helping you stay balanced through invigorating days and nights. The natural tension relief alone could make your time with us more relaxing.

All Experience Levels Welcome

A mastery of yoga forms or masterful centeredness isn’t required to attend sessions. If you’ve never assumed a yoga posture or meditated in peace, why not try it for the first time in an atmosphere of privacy, by yourself, or in an atmosphere of friends? If the practice takes hold, your experience could become one of your best vacation memories.

Whether you’re entering your first experience, or you need a session to round out your routine while on vacation, we’ll schedule yoga sessions at your request. Feel free to schedule sessions throughout your stay, or a single session for a single day. Make us a Costa Rica wellness retreat that keeps you centered and at peace by adding yoga to your activities at Casa Teresa.