Zen! Yoga on the Beach, and Other Relaxing Endeavors

Woman doing yoga above jungle

There’s no reason you shouldn’t take every opportunity to maximize your leisure time while you stay with us at Casa Teresa, and one of the healthiest ways to chill out during your visit to paradise is yoga. But this isn’t the only way to lower your heart rate and boost your metabolism while you stay here. If you’re curious to see what sets Santa Teresa yoga apart from yoga in the rest of the world, and what else you might be able to enjoy during your visit to Costa Rica, keep reading.

Everything’s Better on the Beach

Yoga is good for you. That’s not just our opinion, either: the facts bear it out. It’s not just a way to get fit and flexible; it can lower blood pressure, help reduce the risk of joint and muscle ailments like osteoporosis, and increase mindfulness about healthy eating habits. It’s a wonderful pursuit to get into if you haven’t already, and even if you’re a seasoned yoga pro, doing it in Santa Teresa is going to be a cut above practicing your downward dog in your den or a crowded studio. You won’t want to go back to the old way of doing things after you try yoga at Casa Teresa. 

Picture, if you will, a warm breeze on your back, the sound of gentle waves hitting the shore, the shimmer of the rising sun cresting the beautiful blue waters beside you. That’s not just a winning premise for a guided meditation session: that’s something you can experience for yourself when you decide to practice yoga on the beach. Santa Teresa is world-renowned for its stunning beaches, and getting to do yoga on one of these shores during the early morning is a special type of Costa Rica wellness recipe you’re not going to be able to experience just anywhere.

 Other Ways to Relax

Man meditating on a mountain top at sunset

Let’s say yoga isn’t for you; are there any other ways you can enjoy a healthy, fulfilling time at Casa Teresa? We’re glad you asked, because we’ve got them by the score.

Aside from offering a Santa Teresa yoga experience that others can’t touch, we offer a meditation program that’s second to none when it comes to putting your mind and body at ease. This is another area where studies don’t lie. Meditation can reduce stress levels and boost creativity, and it’s even been shown to have a positive impact on people with chronic illnesses like depression and heart disease. And that’s before you take the sublime beach setting of this particular meditation program into account! Just like with our yoga regimen, Santa Teresa makes a perfect location for this practice, and our way of doing it doesn’t discriminate by level of expertise either.

 Venturing off the property, there are copious tide pools, waterfalls and nature reserves located close by to fill you with equal parts peace and awe. A relaxing hike in a gorgeous jungle is one of the most unique ways to experience wellness in Costa Rica. But, of course, if you’d prefer to stay near your lodgings, private chefs and luxurious massages are yours to enjoy as well.  

Santa Teresa Yoga and More at Casa Teresa

Interior Modern Villa Room

If all this has you longing to start indulging in relaxation and pleasure, we’ve got some fantastic news: paradise awaits. Casa Teresa is the new villa making a name for itself in sumptuous Santa Teresa. Thanks to our tasteful and unique Moroccan design, unbeatable views of the ocean, and comprehensive collection of amenities, we’re the premier getaway in this low-key beach town. You won’t find a more gorgeous location with a greater commitment to your rest and recuperation than Casa Teresa.

If you’re ready to begin enjoying yoga the Santa Teresa way, email us at inquiries@casateresacr.com or call Mario directly at 50688319711 and ask us about our weekly rates. Become part of the Casa Teresa family today, and experience a peaceful tropical adventure you won’t want to miss out on.