Exotic Costa Rica Beach

The Journey Here

When you travel to Casa Teresa, your privileges as our guest begins when you reach the airport in San Jose, where we can have a charter flight to Costa Rica ready to whisk you away. When you touch down in the city of Tambor, one of our agents will escort you safely to the villa. If you wish to complete the journey by air, we can arrange a scenic helicopter flight at your request.

Carmon Air Charter

Your charter flight to Costa Rica comes from our partnership with CarmonAir Charter, the leading company of its kind in Costa Rica and Central America. Soar to Tambor in the relaxation of a private cabin, as you cruise deftly through Pacific airspace. At Casa Teresa, you leave your cares behind; when you reach us on CarmonAir, you leave them all the way back in San Jose.

Commercial Flights

Costa Rica’s Sansa Airlines and Costa Rica Green Airways offer commercial flights from San Jose to Tambor. Whether the intimacy of a private plane or the camaraderie of a commercial jet suits your mood, the alluring luxury of Casa Teresa and Santa Teresa’s culture are soon yours. You’ll fulfill the final leg of your journey without delay, to begin your thrilling stay as our guest.