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Casa Teresa Surfboards Beach

Santa Teresa offers the best surfing in Costa Rica. But it wasn’t until the New Millennium that the world fully discovered the amazing character of Santa Teresa surf. As global travel increased, more surfers began to visit the small fishing town, reporting the amazing surf that they had witnessed: barrelling waves with high lips and strong shoulders, interspersed with lower swells that were liquid at the core, and rolled in strong and steady during the twin high tides.

For Surfers of All Abilities

Diverse wave heights make the Santa Teresa surf an excellent option for beginning surfers and seasoned wave riders alike. Pro surf coaches, who can start by teaching you the very basics, are available in different locations. If you’re beyond needing instruction, the town offers more than enough shoreline for you to practice advanced skills, without interrupting lessons that are in session. If you’re a beginner or expert, don’t be surprised if you end up rubbing shoulders with a pro.

Surf at Santa Teresa Beach

Santa Teresa Beach offers what some say is the best surfing in Costa Rica. If you can roll with the big barrels at dusk or dawn, you win props and are considered a true wave rider. When you stay at Casa Teresa, you can hear the waves crashing on the shore of this beach. Grab a well-waxed board, take a two-minute minute walk from the rear of the villa, and the sand is at your feet.