Experience Wildlife

Colorful parrot against blue sky

There’s no end to the number of magical wild sights to see in this beautiful nation, which is why we’ve put together this guide on some of the best ways you can see some of the most unique wild animals in Costa Rica from a place of safety and comfort. Happy exploring!

  • Cabo Blanco was the first nature preserve ever established in Costa Rica, and many consider it to still be one of the finest to this day.
  • Santa Teresa abounds with canopy tours that provide a fun, thrilling way to experience nature from above.
  • The Tortuga Islands are a short boat ride away from our grounds, and they make for an exquisite way to see some of the most beautiful wild undersea animals in Costa Rica.
  • Montezuma is a scenic hamlet where capuchin monkeys are never more than a glance away. It also features a world-famous, scenic waterfall where animals both aquatic and land-bound are sure to be found.

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