The Elements of a Perfect Costa Rica Vacation

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Securing a beach front house that takes care of your creature comforts is the first step of planning an unforgettable tropical adventure. Here, we’ll explain the elements of a perfect Costa Rica vacation to help you plan a getaway that you’ll treasure for life.

Perfect Costa Rica Vacation

Choose the Right Time to Go

Costa Rica enjoys a tropical climate, which means that there’s a wet season, a dry season, and warm temperatures all year round. Typically, the wet season runs from May to October with the peak humidity — 85% in the Puntarenas Province — experienced in the month of October.

Generally, we welcome guests to our beach front house from December through August to capture the best of the tropical views. If you would prefer to come when the weather is dry, we recommend planning your trip from December to April.

Plan a Balance of Exploration and Rest

Costa Rica is best known for its focus on conservation. In fact, over 25% of the country is protected by an extensive system of national parks. If you’ve chosen a Costa Rica beach front house as your destination, be sure to take in as much of the scenery as possible while ensuring adequate downtime to rest.


The Casa Teresa beach front villa is located on the coast of Santa Teresa on the Pacific-facing Nicoya Peninsula. This gives our guests ready access to the coastline from Playa San Juanillo to Malpaís where you can watch the marine life while snorkeling, riding on an ATV, exploring tide pools, or enjoying a private charter boat ride.

Further up the coast, visit the Ostional Wildlife Refuge to see Olive Ridley (Lora) and Leatherback (Baula) turtles. On the Atlantic side of the peninsula, the famed area of Montezuma offers waterfalls and volcanoes with sightings of monkeys, parrots, and armadillos.


For the young and daring among us, the Casa Teresa beach front house brings you close to any number of extreme sports activities. If you’re coming for adventure, be sure to hit all of the hotspots on your Costa Rica trip, including ziplining, white-water rafting, surfing, and caving.

For an all-inclusive adventure circuit, be sure to consult our concierge staff about tour packages that cover the sports on your list. We can also curate the adventure of your choice — all you need to do is ask!


Located in the southern part of Central America, Costa Rican culture offers a magnificent blend of indigenous, European, and modern traditions. When you come to spend time in the Casa Teresa beach front house, be sure to immerse yourself in the color and life with cultural shows, festivals, markets, and games of pick-up soccer.

A special highlight in Manzanillo (just north of Santa Teresa) is the annual sandcastle-building competition. If you’d like to be involved in this popular event, be sure to come to our beach front villa in March and practice up your castle-building skills before the big day.


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The perfect vacation is one that’s balanced, and after you’ve spent a day exploring the landscape, we recommend spending a day at your beach front house to rest. Casa Teresa is well equipped with a swimming pool, barbecue facilities, and is located only 70-100 yards from the beach, so you can be sure you’ll still find things to do!

To complete your days of R&R, ask about the suite of wellness services at our beach front villa. We offer private massage, yoga, and meditation experiences that can be tailored to individuals and groups and are perfect for helping you recharge.

Be Sure to Try the Local Cuisine

You haven’t really experienced a place until you’ve tried the food! Costa Rica is famous for its seafood, fruits, and bean-and-rice dishes, and you can enjoy all of these iconic flavors with a menu prepared by our in-house chef.

When you feel like strolling into town, you’ll find dozens of friendly restaurants and cafés located a mere 0.5 miles from the beach front house that serve a variety of local and international delights. You can browse our list of recommended eateries or check with the concierge staff when you come.

Connect with the Community

Many of our guests come to the Casa Teresa beach front villa in search of a private, intimate escape. But at some point in your stay, you might like to connect with the community and discover local perspectives on the place.

One of the easiest ways to forge friendships with locals is to join in an informal game of soccer. You can also make friends with the owners of Santa Teresa’s restaurants and cafés and attend local markets and events.

Curate Your Experience

Costa Rica offers a tropical playground where you can vacation and seek adventure in paradise. By planning a mix of active and refreshing experiences, you’ll experience the best of all this country offers. If you would like more information about the Casa Teresa beach front house, local adventures, and practical recommendations, we invite you to browse the information on our site and contact our friendly team. A vacation in Costa Rica is like no other. Plan your tropical adventure with a stay at our beach front house today!