A Dinner to Remember: Here’s How We’ll Work With You To Create a Memorable Beachfront Dining Experience

A group of people enjoying beachfront dining at Casa Teresa in the nighttime

Think of the most luxurious meal you can imagine: a five-star setting, the freshest ingredients, fine service, and a spectacular view of a sunrise or sunset. At Casa Teresa, beachfront dining is one of the experiences that our A-list guests come back to time and time again. Learn how we work with you to bring your beachfront dining fantasies to life.

Fresh, Local Produce

Fresh produce is the heart of every five-star menu, and the produce that we have in Santa Teresa really is second to none. Here on the Nicoya Peninsula, our in-house chef has access to fresh fish and seafood that is wild harvested from the waters of the Pacific Coast. Our vegetables are picked fresh from a local organic farm. Savor the juicy sweetness of passionfruit and star fruit accompanied by a cup of agua dulce or Costa Rican coffee for a morning or afternoon of beachfront dining at its best.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every guest is unique and are more than happy to accommodate special diets. If you and/or your family prefer cuisine that is vegan, vegetarian, kosher, halal, keto, GAPS, or follows another specific protocol, we will create a beachfront dining experience that fulfills all of your requirements to a tee. Simply let us know about your dietary requirements in advance of your stay and we will happily source the most suitable ingredients.

Large or Small

No meal is too large or too small for our talented in-house chef. We can work with you to create everything from a beachfront dining menu for a wedding or event to an intimate candlelit dinner for two. The villa itself is designed to house eight. However, we can prepare a meal for a much larger group of guests — just let us know what you have in mind and we will find a way to make it happen.

Indoors or Outdoors

An outdoor setting for beachfront dining at Casa Teresa

The extensive 1.3-acre grounds of Casa Teresa provide the perfect setting for dining outdoors. And with large alfresco and patio areas by the pool, beachfront dining is right at your fingertips every moment of your stay. In the rainy season from May to October, you might prefer to dine under the shelter of the roof or split your meal between the patio and kitchen. In either case, you’ll be dining in the midst of nature with a view of the pool and Santa Teresa Beach.

Entrées, Anyone?

The beauty of having an in-house chef is that you can literally design your menu from the ground up. If you’re planning an intimate family dinner, you might like to focus on a sumptuous main meal with a light entrée and a refreshing dessert. For events and larger groups of guests, finger foods are one of the best ways to showcase the local flavors — from sushi and grilled seafood skewers to fresh salads and tropical fruit.

Special Themes

If you’re traveling for a surf retreat, wellness escape, or birthday, consider requesting a menu with a theme. Gourmet food goes beyond just the taste — we can tailor the presentation too! When planning your trip, think about the kind of atmosphere you’d like for your beachfront dining experience and the décor that would bring that atmosphere to life. We can just as easily create a Hawaiian spread for a 21st birthday party as a Zen-themed wellness degustation!

Live Entertainment

Speaking of atmosphere, how about some live entertainment? Costa Rica is home to many rich cultural traditions that can give your meal a tropical flair. Some of the local musical highlights are pasillos, comparsas, and boleros, or request the style of music or dance you prefer — Costa Rica is well known for both classical and Caribbean music. If some of your guests would like to put on a show, we can arrange a platform, sound system, and whatever other equipment you need to make your beachfront dining a success.

Secure Your Beachfront Dining Experience Today

If any of these ideas tantalize your metaphorical tastebuds, it’s time to book a stay at Casa Teresa. We receive guests all year round with the peak season from December to August and will happily assist with advanced meal planning. Casa Teresa is perfect for everything from solo stays to family getaways. Inquire about making a reservation today!