Finding the Perfect Villa Rental For Your Private Getaway

A private jet on a runway in the daytime

Ready to jet off to a secluded paradise for some R&R away from the crowds? A luxury Casa rental is the answer — and a decision that you’ll be glad you made. True serenity can most easily be found with private beach house rentals in the quiet enclave of Santa Teresa on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where you’ll enjoy all of your creature comforts while soaking up the Central American sun.

What to Look for When Privacy is Paramount

Investing in a trip is a big decision, and one most people don’t take lightly. When you’re considering a casa rental for a discreet vacation, the following features can help you find the perfect match.

Charter Flights

Private beach house rentals are only private when no one knows where you’re going. If complete discretion is what you seek, ensure anonymity from beginning to end with a villa that offers private transportation.

After landing at Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José, the best casa rental villas will take you directly to your destination with a personal charter flight — saving you hours waiting for public transportation and keeping your holiday spot hush-hush.

Private Transportation

Once you arrive at your casa-style rental accommodation, enjoy complete freedom of movement with your own private taxi and chauffeur. No need to call a taxi company or wait for public transport on the street. If you have additional needs like a child seat or a reclining backrest, these can easily be arranged.

Many of the best tourist spots like Montezuma are a decent drive from where you’ll be staying, and private transportation allows you to take your time, leave at the time of day that suits you, and make as many stops as you desire along the way. Once you’ve had enough adventure, simply hop in the car and head back home!

Private ATV Rentals

Fancy getting out in the fresh air? Some of the top casa rentals provide the option to rent your own quadbikes whenever you want and for as long as you want. Break free of time restraints and carve your own path around the coast while taking in the spectacular views.

In Santa Teresa, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are one of the best ways to see the coast, the hills, the farms, and the rainforest. The staff can also indicate the best backroads to take for maximum privacy and views that few people have the chance to see.

24/7 Concierge Service

Private beach house rentals with a 24/7 concierge give you access to the best local information immediately — removing the need to seek out a tourist information center and spend hours flicking through the brochures.

Whether it’s a private butterfly tour or charter boat trip that you’d like to arrange, your concierge can organize it quickly and discreetly, making sure to cover any specific topics or destinations that you personally find fascinating.

Exclusive Chef

The high level of service is really what separates a casa rental from a holiday village, motel, or block of apartments. In your own private luxury villa, the staff are there exclusively for you and can create a truly unforgettable experience.

If your time in Costa Rica is intended as a getaway for a romantic escape such as an engagement, honeymoon, or anniversary, a villa’s dedicated private chef can create candlelit dinners with your very own menu where you won’t be interrupted or cut short by closing hours.

Private Gardens

Last but not least, private beach house rentals offer you the chance to have the grounds all to yourself — your own gardens, your own swimming pool, your own hammock, and your very own patio. Spend hours enjoying the lush, tropical surroundings in peace with no one around except the staff.

Thanks to the warm, near-constant climate of Costa Rica, many visitors find that they are happy to spend a large part of the day outdoors. With a casa rental, you can use the outdoor spaces for a private game of volleyball, a meditation session, or an intimate picnic while enjoying absolute tranquility.

Your Exclusive Getaway at Casa Teresa

Located in Santa Teresa, Casa Teresa offers the best of Costa Rican casa rental with all the luxury services you need. From charter flights to private rentals and concierge, we’ve thought of everything to make sure your vacation is comfortable and entirely undisturbed.

If you would like to learn more about vacationing at Casa Teresa, read more about each of our exclusive services and give our friendly staff a call. We are dedicated to fulfilling the most luxurious of dreams. Book your private escape today!