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A culinary getaway awaits you at our villa, where each of your five senses is nourished as you dine. Savor mouthwatering cuisine from our personal chef services, as you inhale delightful aromas that enhance your sense of taste. Grip a glass that a cocktail infuses with a chill, as the warm ocean sighs rhythmically outside, and a feast of fine cuisine feeds your eye. It’s all in a night of dining at the villa, where you celebrate in luxury with a special party of relations.

Fresh Cuisine

Fresh cuisine is the best cuisine, and our personal chef services will show you why. With over twenty years’ experience in the culinary arts, your private chef is well-qualified to ensure that you fare well, as you feast on the best offerings from local fields and Pacific waters.

With flourishes of Asian and Latin American gastronomy, our cuisine rivals the best restaurants in the world. If intimate dining is your desire, you’ll find that no open-door establishment can compare to us. At Casa Teresa, you dine in relaxing privacy; the villa is yours for as long as you stay. Among vacation rentals with chef and maid services, none serve you more individually than we do.

Special Orders

Special orders are also available. Whether you require a special diet, or you simply love special food, our personal chef services will prepare it to perfection. So we can serve you best, we ask that special orders be submitted in advance. Feel free to request vegan and vegetarian dishes.