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Casa Teresa makes your Costa Rica adventures complete by offering an adventure in 5-star service. We make your stay a Costa Rica experience to remember by providing luxurious accommodations, and an elite range of on-location services to match. When you experience Santa Teresa as our guest, you receive the world-class service that world travelers expect. Simplify your planning with the help of our dedicated concierge, who can help book all of your services and extra amenities before or during your stay.

CasaTeresa Luxury Villa Vacation Helicopter Tours Transportation

Transport & Private Touring

We make fulfilling your transportation and touring needs as effortless as possible so you are ready to experience your Costa Rica adventures. From chartering a private plane for the last leg of your arrival to scheduling a private helicopter ride that offers you with breathtaking, oceanic views, we have partnerships in place to ensure that your travels remain smooth, safe, and customized to meet your discerning requirements.

Massage at Casa Teresa Luxury Villa

Relaxing Massage Therapy

When you arrive at our villas, if you feel any remnants of tension from the world you left behind, allow our massage therapists to ease your body into a deep, restful calm. Let the stress melt off of you to enjoy an even more restful experience and deeper renewal so your vacation is truly as refreshing as possible. To bring a little more movement and ease into your days, consider booking yoga and meditation as well.

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A Concierge for Your Needs

During your stay at Casa Teresa, on-site concierge services are available for your every need, whether it’s booking local dinner reservations, arranging for a private chef, help with groceries, scheduling exclusive tours by land or sea, and more. Consider no request as too uneventful or too uncommon to place a call. 

CasaTeresa Luxury VillaVacation Dine With a Private Chef

Cuisine from a Private Chef

If cuisine is one of the Costa Rica experiences you crave, there’s nothing like having a local, private chef serve you in-season flavors that aren’t on the menu at home. For a special night in, or for the duration of your stay, you can book our private chef to treat your taste buds to a cornucopia of culinary delights. Veganism and other dietary refinements are deliciously accommodated.

Casa Teresa Luxury VillaVacation ATV Rentals

ATV Rentals for Exploration

Santa Teresa offers idyllic scenery for Costa Rica adventures in the great outdoors. Gripping the handlebars of your ATV, your breath will be taken away by coastal views and a kaleidoscope of butterflies that dance in your path. Cruising through tropical forestry, in the open air, brings a unique feeling of energized placidity, as your senses are attuned to nature.

Casa Teresa Luxury Villa Decorated table

Weddings & Special Events

Weddings and other special events are some of the most memorable Costa Rica experiences hosted here at Casa Teresa and Casa Teresa Grande. The romantic architecture and luxuriously spacious interior of both villas invite festivity. You can book both villas for large luxury gatherings, or choose one villa for an intimate experience. Simply the desire to celebrate good times, in a special setting, is enough within itself. Tell us how you wish to celebrate; we’d love the opportunity to help facilitate the magic.


What services are included in the booking?

Perhaps the ultimate service offered by Casa Teresa and Casa Teresa Grande is the private luxury of being in a secluded villa right on the beach. Additional services that are included include cleaning services from 7am to 3pm, a full-time concierge, transportation to and from the airport, free wifi, a Savant music system, and TV streaming services.

What additional services can I add to my experience?

So many of our services are additional experiences available to you, whether it’s booking your own private chef for a day or two (or for your whole stay), scheduling private yoga classes or massage, or booking local adventures on the water or nearby trails. You can also enjoy relaxing massage therapy, guided meditation, tours, and so much more to make your Costa Rica experience complete.

Are all the services available at both villas?

Yes! Both Casa Teresa and Casa Teresa Grande offer the full luxury experience with a suite of services that you can add to your stay.

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