4 Cool Things You’ll See While Staying at Casa Teresa

A scarlet macaw in the rainforest.

A vacation in Central America is a chance to see all kinds of wonders that you would never be able to see at home. For lovers of nature and architecture alike, Santa Teresa and the Nicoya Peninsula are truly a feast for the eyes and the soul. Discover four cool things you’ll see while staying at Casa Teresa — from Costa Rica wildlife to Moroccan architecture and more!

Hundreds of Different Kinds of Birds

Costa Rica is best known for its pristine landscapes and diversity of wildlife. In fact, that’s the primary reason that millions of tourists flock to this ecological paradise each year. More than one-quarter of the country is set aside as national parks — providing the perfect haven for hundreds of bird and butterfly species that you wouldn’t be able to see elsewhere.

In the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, tourists can often spot colorful Costa Rica wildlife, including scarlet macaws, long-tailed manakins, crested caracaras, and several kinds of magnificent parrots. On the Mal Pais to Cabuya Road, you can also visit the Cabo Blanco Butterfly Farm where you’ll see all kinds of native butterflies fluttering around the gardens and dedicated greenhouses.

The White-Faced Capuchin Monkey

A man with a white-faced capuchin monkey on his shoulder

The white-faced capuchin monkey — or more specifically, the Cebus imitator — is a small monkey endemic to Central America that has a black body, tail, and limbs, and a white face, chest, and shoulders. This gorgeous little creature feeds on fruit, plants, grubs, and small vertebrates, and plays a key role in dispersing pollen and seeds throughout the rainforest.

If you spend some time in the rainforests with Costa Rica wildlife, you might have the chance to spot a white-faced capuchin monkey getting up to a wide range of antics. Like humans, capuchins use tools for foraging and self-defense and even rub themselves with leaves as a form of herbal medicine.

Montezuma Falls

Once you’ve been there once, the Montezuma Falls are sure to become a favorite spot for future trips to Costa Rica. Located a 30-minute taxi ride across the peninsula from Santa Teresa, Montezuma is a lush area filled with rainforest and several falls to explore during your stay. 

The most famous waterfalls at Montezuma are a series of three waterfalls known collectively as Montezuma Falls. Here, you can dive off the rocks and swim in the waterhole below. Some of the waterfalls even have rope swings! If you’re interested in Costa Rica wildlife, be sure to keep an eye out for roseate spoonbills (similar to pink flamingos), blue crayfish, river otters, and “Jesus Christ” lizards that scamper across the water. 

Vibrant Moroccan Architecture

A King-sized bed with a Moroccan architecture wall feature and view to a swimming pool and beachfront at nighttime

Our list of cool things you’ll see when staying at Casa Teresa wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the villa itself and the beautiful things you’ll see on-site. As you enter the property, you’ll see an exquisite carved-wooden dolphin statue leading to the colorful, Moroccan-style, 4,700-foot villa. 

Inspired by the beauty of Middle Eastern and Moroccan architecture, the villa features artistically adorned doorways in a variety of shapes with natural-tone furnishings and ornate hanging light shades. The aesthetic of the villa itself is complimented perfectly by 1.3 acres of lush gardens. When you’re not out spotting Costa Rica wildlife, this is where you’ll want to be!

Secure Your Spot at Casa Teresa

Do you like the sound of Costa Rica wildlife, Moroccan architecture, and swinging from a rope into sparkling cascades? Casa Teresa offers full-service luxury accommodation with vacation season from December through August. If you’d like to have the experience of a lifetime, please contact our friendly staff. We’d love to have you stay at the villa and help you discover the many delights of Costa Rica.