You’ll Experience the Ocean Differently When Staying On the Beach. Here’s How:

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Oceanfront vacation rentals with a private pool bring you as close to living on the beach as you could possibly get. Imagine sleeping under the stars as the murmur of breaking waves lulls you to sleep… only that you’re simultaneously enjoying sumptuously soft bedding, a fresh set of towels, and a fresh Costa Rican breakfast prepared for you by your own private chef! Discover several ways that private vacation rentals help you experience the ocean like never before.

Be in Tune with the Sun and the Tides

If you’re going to Costa Rica for the surf and snorkeling, oceanfront vacation rentals with a private pool keep you in tune with sunrise, sunset, and the tides so that you can catch the best waves as soon as they appear. You might even catch a split-second sight of coastal wildlife that you would have missed being further from the beach. As you watch the patterns of the water and sky, you’ll feel much more connected to nature — even part of it. The only experience that would get you closer would be sleeping on the very sand itself.

Get Out On the Waves Before Others Arrive

Private vacation rentals

While Santa Teresa is still one of the quieter destinations for international tourists (compared to San José and Playa Tamarindo), you might still find that the beach can get crowded with surfers looking for an active vacation. Private vacation rentals that bring you right to the beach allow you to get out there before anyone else and enjoy a quiet spot of surfing. If you’re staying at the villa with your partner or family, oceanfront vacation rentals with a private pool give you the chance to have the beach practically all to yourself for some priceless moments enjoying the waves.

Watch the Ocean while Lounging by the Pool

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Being extremely close to the ocean isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For nature lovers who appreciate comfort, oceanfront vacation rentals with a private pool combine two enjoyable experiences in one: the seclusion, privacy, and predictability of a swimming pool with the constant ebb and flow of the waves. At Casa Teresa, we have the unique privilege of being located 75-100 yards from the water so you feel like you’re only steps from the beach — all the while relishing the predictability of a pristine environment that’s maintained 24/7 by our attentive staff.

Enjoy a Constant Ocean Soundtrack

Finally, oceanfront vacation rentals with a private pool ensure the most amazing soundtrack to your Costa Rica vacation. The natural rhythm of the waves and tides is one of the most soothing sounds we could possibly imagine and it’s yours to enjoy at Casa Teresa. Many people find that the gentle lapping of waves at the shore helps them to sleep more soundly than they do at home. Others find themselves turning off the iPad to simply listen to the sounds of nature. When you’re looking for a peaceful retreat to switch off and refresh your soul, we couldn’t think of anything more perfect.

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Casa Teresa

Situated on 1.3 acres of lush vegetation in the secluded enclave of Santa Teresa, Casa Teresa offers a luxurious getaway for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Our 4,700 square foot, Moroccan-inspired villa offers a sensory haven in which your every need is looked after promptly.

If you’d like to get even closer to the waves while enjoying oceanfront vacation rentals with a private pool, be sure to ask our concierge staff about our ATV rentals and other transportation options. Quadbikes are ideal for every terrain from the sand to the countryside and you’ll cover much larger stretches of beach.
If you dream about oceanfront vacation rentals with a private pool, look no further than Casa Teresa. Private vacation rentals really don’t get you closer to the ocean while looking after all of your creature comforts. Enquire about making a booking and secure the perfect beachside vacation today!