Discover the Nicoya Peninsula

View of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica beaches at sunset

From delicious cuisine to breathtaking scenery, the Nicoya Peninsula is a place unlike any other. Relax under the palm trees in a small surfing town, or pump your adrenaline on one of the thrilling adventures in the region. No matter how you choose to spend your time in this magical region, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience!


Bucket List Adventures

There’s no shortage of mesmerizing views and exciting experiences when you visit Costa Rica, but if there’s one thing you have to cross off your bucket list, it’s to visit the enclave of the Nicoya Peninsula. Just a handful of adventures – both locally and further afield – that await during your visit to Santa Teresa and the Nicoya Peninsula include:

  • Taking an ATV tour to the Montezuma Waterfalls
  • Practice yoga at dawn taught by a local expert
  • Taking a boat trip through the calm, gorgeous waters of the Nicoya Peninsula
  • Zipline above the lush and vibrant rainforest canopies
  • Explore pristine beaches on an enchanting horseback tour
  • Further-afield adventures such as the hiking trails and caves of Palo Verde National Park or the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the first nature reserve in Costa Rica

And so much more!


Experiences at Sea

Costa Rica is known for its endless coastlines, turquoise blue waters, and, of course, Santa Teresa’s world-class surfing. Of all the exciting activities in Costa Rica, some of the most remarkable can be found nestled into the Nicoya Peninsula’s shoreline.

What was once reserved for professional surfers, the surf breaks in Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula now draw surfers of all skill levels from across the globe. Experience the best surfing locations in the world at Santa Teresa Beach, Mal Pais, and countless other locations along the region’s pristine coastline. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or prefer to take a lesson from a local instructor, there’s a spot for everyone on the waves on the shores of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Snorkeling and diving opportunities that await on your visit to this stunning region are just as thrilling as catching the perfect wave. Off the shore of the Nicoya Peninsula lies home to Costa Rica’s unique and vibrant marine life. From schools of colorful tropical fish to majestic sea turtles, surround yourself with the serenity this pristine location has to offer.


Palm trees in front of a tropical sunset

Blue Zone Benefits

Not only is Costa Rica known for its incredible surf, but the Nicoya Peninsula is a world-renowned hotspot for foodies and wellness enthusiasts alike. The region is one of seven Blue Zones in the world where the lifestyle leads to longevity — exclusive geographical pockets where the oldest and healthiest residents in the world reside. Discover their secrets during your visit to Casa Teresa Luxury Villas!

This region offers world-class restaurants that craft fresh and local fare to give you a taste of the cherished flavors of the region. From only the ripest produce to the freshest seafood, the mouthwatering dishes prepared by our private chef are an unforgettable addition to your stay!

Healthy and delicious cuisine is an important element of the Blue Zone lifestyle, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Nicoya Peninsula residents are also known for their active ways of life. Yoga, meditation, surfing, and hiking are just a few of the activities that are said to contribute to the vibrant and lively local atmosphere that you can only find in a few rare corners of the globe!

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