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Casa Teresa Luxury Pool

The ultimate vacation relaxes body and mind. To make your getaway to Santa Teresa a carefree occasion and an escape daily stress, let us arrange a Costa Rica massage for you. Your Costa Rica massage therapy will be received in the privacy and comfort of our villa, where no one except you, your massage therapist, and anyone that you invite into the session will be present. Prepare for remnants of stress to melt away, as relaxation unites your body and mind.

Calming Therapy from Professionals

A licensed massage therapist performs the Costa Rica massage we arrange for you, which can be customized to meet your needs. Request a Swedish massage that targets stressed muscles and joints, an aromatherapy massage that combats stress through the sense of smell, a deep tissue massage that makes you feel tranquil to the core, or simply the type that you already know works best. Tell us the type of treatment you desire, and we’ll find a massage therapist to match.