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Ever wonder what living in Costa Rica would be like? Temporarily relocate to a luxurious locale that’s surrounded by tropical beauty and world culture. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is an area that many people are now curious about. Reserving an extended stay at Casa Teresa — our impeccable villa that is located on Santa Teresa Beach — is a great way to satisfy the curiosity.

World-Class Beaches and Culture

When you visit Santa Teresa, living in Costa Rica can be a dream come true. The small size of the town, with its miles of pristine shoreline, mean that world-class beaches are always nearby. But you don’t need a helicopter to reach the comforts of civilization. In the New Millenium, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, has become a hotspot for global culture. World-class dining, boutique shopping, and essential services are close to you as the white sand beaches.

Comforts of Home Found Abroad

There’s a difference between traveling to a wonderful place on vacation versus living in that place for several years. You’ll always love the unique aspects of the area that make it so attractive as a vacation spot, but your quality of life will be determined by the ability to meet everyday needs, even more than it is defined by the opportunity to satisfy your rarest of wants.

Because Santa Teresa now caters to world travelers, it offers all of the first world comforts you find at home. Depending on where you currently live, the only difference is that it offers these comforts in a beautiful, tropical setting, where local culture welcomes the cultures of the world.