The Most Stunning Costa Rican Flowers

Costa Rica is an ecologist’s paradise. For stunning foliage and tropical flowers, Costa Rica is truly one of the best places in the world—if not the best. There are many Costa Rican flowers that are found nowhere else on the planet. Flower sightseeing is a definite must-add to your list of activities to do in this beautiful country. And if you’re planning a destination wedding, this Costa Rican flower guide can also help you plan your wedding bouquet.

See how many of these flowers you can spot on your visit!

orange variegated orchid resting on fingers

  1. Dry Orchids

Uniquely delicate and gorgeous, these exquisite tropical flowers are Costa Rica’s national flower, the guaria morada (Guarianthe skinneri). These beautiful purple orchids bloom along the Pacific coast in pre-montane zones. According to tradition, these Costa Rican flowers bring good luck and peace for the future.

Costa Rica plays host to some of the rarest biomes in the world, most specifically the cloud forests. Cloud forests provide the perfect environment for orchids, which explains why flowers in Costa Rica are so lush and vividly-colored.

For a romantic excursion that doubles as an excellent flower viewing opportunity, be sure to visit the Monteverde orchid garden. This famous museum gives tours in both English and Spanish, and they have an average of over 120 species of orchids in bloom all year round, including incredible miniature orchids.


red torch ginger flowers against forest background

  1. Gingers

Gingers are some of the most iconic and recognizable tropical flowers in Costa Rica. They can be relatively small, but they can also grow as big as your head! 

There are many different types of gingers, coming in both red and pink shades. Pictured above are the aptly-named torch gingers, a centerpiece of the Costa Rican jungles. These exotic blooms are breathtakingly beautiful when viewed up close and in their natural environment.

These Costa Rican flowers make a bold statement when included in any event decor or wedding bouquet. Small pink gingers can be used for more delicate decor or as a natural hair adornment.

blue butterfly sitting on red and yellow heliconia bloom

  1. Heliconias (False Birds of Paradise)

Vivid, unusually-shaped heliconias are found in abundance in Costa Rica, growing in vertical formation deep in the jungle.

Heliconias are also an essential part of the tropical ecosystem. They provide food for butterflies, spiders, ants, frogs, bats, and hummingbirds, just to name a few! 

Though heliconias appear to be your typical Costa Rican flower, they’re technically “inflorescences,” or leaf-like structures. Still, their scientific classification doesn’t stop them from being one of the most beautiful tropical “flowers” in Costa Rica. If they look like a flower and smell like a flower (which they do), they’ll enhance your bouquet!

red pointed anthurium flowers against green leavesred pointed anthurium flowers against green leaves

  1. Anthuriums

Anthuriums are waxy, heat-resistant tropical flowers that come in color varieties of pink, white, green, and red. Due to their unusual shape and shiny texture, they are lovely statement flowers to work into a bouquet.

Anthuriums flower freely in warm climates and need bright light in order to thrive. Of course, Costa Rica has an abundance of year-round sunshine that provides them with just that.

bright pink mandevilla flowers with green leaves

  1. Mandevilla Hirsuta

Mandevillas are vibrant blooms that come in many stunning varieties. Their full shape and bright hues are perfect representatives of the natural beauty of Costa Rica. These showy flowers are utterly perfect for a tropical Costa Rican flower bouquet that will make the wedding guests ooh and ahh.

tropical plumeria flowers against black background

  1. Plumeria frangipani

These tropical flowers Costa Rica contains in abundance are found across several tropical countries. Plumerias are not only beautiful, but they have a gorgeous perfumed scent that many have come to associate with a tropical vacation.

The smell is so potent, distinct, and heavenly that after you first sniff this Costa Rican flower, you’ll be able to smell them just by looking at this picture!

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