Costa Rica Honeymoon: A Santa Teresa Itinerary

Beautiful Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful beach honeymoon destinations in the world. Remote enough to immerse you in a tropical paradise but lively enough to provide you with every amenity imaginable, there is simply no better place for a Costa Rica honeymoon with the love of your life.

Here’s our seven-day sample itinerary for those who stay at the best romantic getaway in Costa Rica for their honeymoon: Casa Teresa.

Day 1: Recover from Jet Lag With Massage Therapy

The best way to get rid of tension or jet lag? A private couples’ massage, of course! When you step off the plane and arrive at your accomodations at Casa Teresa, the first day of your Costa Rican honeymoon can be solely focused on clearing your head and preparing you for a week of total bliss.

Our personalized concierge services can hire a licensed professional to perform whichever spa or massage service you desire, whether it be deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, meditation, or Swedish massage. Your massage therapist can set up everything they need right in the comfort of your luxury villa, so you and your partner can easily leave the stress of the real world behind.

Spend the rest of the day lounging in your villa, taking a dip in the pool, and taking a long, romantic walk down the beach at sunset to explore your beach honeymoon destination in private.

Day 2: Take a Canopy Tour Around Montezuma

A honeymoon in Costa Rica just wouldn’t be complete without a canopy tour through the rainforest!

A canopy tour involves gliding over the trees on ziplines, swinging like Tarzan, and hiking over bridges, all atop a lush rainforest. You’ll be able to soar through the trees like a bird and enjoy views beyond imagination. Canopy tours can be as adventurous as you want them to be, and virtually any age group or fitness level can enjoy this opportunity.

While you’re in Montezuma for your Costa Rica honeymoon, you can’t possibly miss out on Montezuma Waterfalls, either! A short hike through a pristine jungle rewards you with glorious views and crystal clear waters to jump in. Montezuma is well worth a full day of your romantic getaway in Costa Rica.

Day 3: Take a Romantic Horseback Riding Tour on the Beach

Santa Teresa is renowned as a beach honeymoon destination for many reasons, including the many horseback tours that can take you down the beach, through the jungle, or along lagoons. If you’re eager to live out your romance novel dreams, be sure to make this adventure a part of your romantic getaway in Costa Rica.

Day 4: Take a Surfing or Scuba Diving Class on Santa Teresa Beach

Playa Santa Teresa is world-famous for its surfing, and you’ll find a wealth of surf schools and rental facilities with all the equipment and guidance you need to get started. Spend a sunny day taking on the waves or just trying to stand up on your board. Whether you surf successfully or fall off more than you stay on, surfing is the perfect way to enjoy your honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Scuba diving is another fantastic activity to try during your Costa Rican honeymoon, and there are just as many schools available to try it as there are for surfing. If you’re not interested in being too adventurous, you can always simply splash around with some rented snorkel equipment and see what sea life you can spot! Your romantic getaway in Costa Rica can be tailored to include as much or as little surfing as you and your partner prefer.

Day 5: Take a Tour Through Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

If you’re traveling all the way to the semi-remote Nicoya Peninsula on your Costa Rica honeymoon, you shouldn’t miss one of the most famous nature reserves in the world, located just a short drive away from Santa Teresa.

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is a lush rainforest located at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. It was the country’s very first area designated as protected for its abundance of sea life, bird species, rare trees, and diverse animal species. On your hike, see if you can spot a rare ocelot, armadillo, anteater, or howler monkey.

It’s the perfect beach honeymoon destination to truly feel like you’re in the center of paradise. Don’t miss out on this magical place when you’re planning your romantic getaway in Costa Rica!

Day 6: Hire a Boat to Isla Tortuga

There are many gorgeous surrounding islands just a boat ride away from Santa Teresa, all with white sands, turquoise waters, and their own unique features. On just the boat ride to and from the island, you might see humpback whales, dolphins, and other magnificent sea life.

Spend a day relaxing with cocktails on a boat ride to an island with your loved one. We can hardly imagine a better way to near the tail end of your Costa Rica honeymoon!

You’ll find many tour companies who advertise delightful day tours to Isla Tortuga or other beautiful islands, or you can simply use our concierge service and we’ll arrange the whole trip for you.

Day 7: Depart in Style

For your last day at Casa Teresa, indulge in everything this gorgeous beach honeymoon destination has to offer, including the beach itself, the backyard pool, luxury suites, and private catering. On your last night (and, in fact, as many nights as you can) explore the lively scene in the town of Santa Teresa to indulge in tropical cocktails and watch the sunset with world-class dining.

When it, sadly, comes time to leave, leave in style! Hire a small charter plane to take you directly to San Jose. When you witness the unbelievable beauty of this country from the sky, it will leave you utterly breathless. It’s not only the most comfortable and convenient way to get back home — it’s also an unforgettable experience in itself that will bring your Costa Rican honeymoon to the perfect finish.

Let Casa Teresa Make Your Costa Rica Honeymoon Dreams Come True

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