Personal Concierge Services from Casa Teresa

Personal Concierge Services from Casa Teresa


When you first touch down on the incomparably beautiful sands of Costa Rica, you’re going to want to start your vacation and begin enjoying the finest things our villas have to offer as soon as you unpack. If you want a personal guide every step of the way, our Costa Rica concierge can help.

Our private concierge service offers knowledgeable insight into local highlights and nearby natural wonders to enjoy. Our goal is making sure you have an incredible time during your stay at our luxury villas.

Personalized Luxury at its Finest

Santa Teresa might be a small beach town, but it contains a vast number of things to do and places to see, and getting overwhelmed by relaxing choices is an ironic fate that shouldn’t befall you.

Enjoy personalized luxury at its finest with your dedicated Costa Rica concierge. Our personal concierge services ensure you experience everything from the finest foods to the most beautiful scenery our corner of Costa Rica has to offer. You won’t miss out on a single savory bite or one beautiful view when you trust the personal guides at Casa Teresa.

Dedicated Service at Any Time

No matter which villa you’re at, whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation or a combination of both, what time it is, or what you need, our personal concierge services can have you covered. Secure a Costa Rica concierge available throughout the duration of your stay at Casa Teresa and/or Casa Teresa Grande. You can reach out for any need, big or small, and get private support from your dedicated concierge.

Book Your Trip to Paradise Today

If you’re ready to experience one of the most beautiful places on earth from the vantage of the finest comfort, get in touch with us today and ask us about our weekly rates.

A Costa Rica concierge guarantees you get only the best of what our gentle shores have to offer you. Stay with Casa Teresa and indulge in the perfect meeting point between natural beauty and contemporary luxury.


What is the role of the concierge at Casa Teresa?

Your personal concierge at Casa Teresa is your main point of contact throughout your stay. Upon booking with Casa Teresa, the concierge will reach out to offer options and arrange transportation to and from the airport as well as get to know a little bit more about you and your needs for your stay. From there, the concierge will help tailor your trip: from booking services, adventures, chefs, making dinner reservations, stocking the kitchen with groceries, or planning an event.

Their role is to take any sort of planning or organizing off of your shoulders, and oversee that everything runs smoothly so that all you need to do is relax and create memories from your trip.

How can I get the most out of my Costa Rica vacation by using the concierge?

It’s a good idea to book all services in advance to ensure that you are able to fulfill everything that you are interested in doing. We work with only the best in town, and if you plan your trip with enough time in advance, everything will be exactly how you would please.

By creating an itinerary in advance, the concierge will also provide you a quote for your services so you will be aware of how much you will be spending beforehand to take out any guesswork.

Will the concierge be on the property?

The concierge has an office in the entrance of Casa Teresa and will be there daily to oversee the operations at the house, and they can be as hands-on, or invisible, as you please. When they are not on the property during normal working hours, they will be able to assist however you need remotely with their personal contact.