6 Beach Cocktails and Popular Drinks You Need to Try in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a sunkissed paradise in Central America, bounded by the Caribbean to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. With an abundance of rare fruit and other tropical delicacies, it’s no wonder the country features some of the most inventive beach cocktails around. The Definitive Beach Cocktails: Popular Drinks in Costa […]

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Perfect Palate: The Sophisticated Foodie’s Guide to Santa Teresa Cuisine

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There’s nothing like staying happy and well fed during your holiday, but learning where—and what—to eat is half the battle when it comes to planning the perfect vacation. You don’t want your sojourn to tropical paradise spoiled by subpar meals; a pinch of adventure and a little bit of research can go a long way […]

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Take Me Away: The Ultimate Guide to Sailing in Santa Teresa

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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, was once a remote fishing village. Today, it is a world-class vacation spot. The smell of fresh fish throughout the farmer’s market recalls the town’s rich history of fishing, but Santa Teresa’s trendy beaches and distinctive, natural sites have made tourism the town’s strongest industry. Sailing the Costa Rica coast in […]

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