Private Charter Flights: What to Expect

Private Charter Flights

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to kick off your tropical getaway in style, you won’t be able to find a quicker or classier mode of transportation than your own personal flight plan. If you’ve never flown on a private charter flight before, read this quick guide from Casa Teresa so you know what to expect.

Straight from the Airport

Your journey begins with equal parts style and convenience the second you touch down at Juan Santamaria International Airport in beautiful Costa Rica. The moment you exit your commercial flight, you’ll be escorted to a secluded part of the airfield where your private charter adventure will begin in earnest. With Casa Teresa, you’re a VIP before you even set foot on our grounds.

What to Expect When You’re on Board

Once you enter the private flight piloted by our friends at Carmon Air, you can expect the Hollywood treatment to continue until you reach your destination. Your flight will offer a number of beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) free of charge, and you’ll be able to enjoy them in the comfort of luxurious genuine leather seats. As an added bonus when you fly private with Carmon Air, you’ll be able to bring your pets and children on board for your private charter flight as well, and each attendant is fluent in both English and Spanish so as to be able to attend to the needs of as many passengers as possible.

Your attendants are also incredibly knowledgeable about your destination and will be able to give you a mini-tour of the island, the grounds and the Pacific Ocean all from the comfort of your seat! Not a single part of the enjoyment of your private charter flight will be overlooked when you choose to fly with Carmon Air.

Things to Know About Charter Flights

Plane flying low over the sea during the sunset.

The luxury and sense of prestige that comes with booking a chartered flight aren’t the only reasons to seriously consider this option. There are also a lot of practical benefits, such as:

  • Quicker Flight Time: Since your private charter flight isn’t beholden to the same schedules that commercial airlines are, you can expect to reach your destination much quicker thanks to the fact that you’ll never have to worry about your jet trying to coordinate flight plans (and landing space) with another airliner.
  • Increased Safety: Carmon Air doesn’t cut corners with the safety inspections of its aircrafts, and since they have a smaller number of planes with more specific designs than an airliner like Delta or Jet Blue, they’re able to hold maintenance and upkeep to a higher standard. The same goes for the staff of your private charter flight: since they work specifically with this plane, they know it’s ins and outs better than anyone.
  • Streamlined Security Checks: When you fly private you can say goodbye to obnoxious TSA procedures stripping you of conveniences like toothpaste and nail clippers: there are no baggage restrictions with Carmon Air, meaning everything you need to make your flight enjoyable can be stored on your person. Even international customs inspections are minimized to a simple passport check from your pilot when you book a private charter.
  • Choose Your Own Route: If you’re willing to do a bit of research before you board your flight, you can customize your flight plan to make stops at tourist destinations, swoop over parts of the area you’d love to see from the air, or anything in between. Even your flight plan comes down to your whims when you pick Camron Air to handle your private charter flight.

 Book Your Getaway with Santa Teresa Today

If you’ve read this far and think the journey sounds fun, wait until you see your destination! Casa Teresa has been constructed from the ground up around beautiful Moroccan architectural motifs, and we’re but a few feet away from the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Whether you choose to explore our grounds, venture out to see all the wonderful things Santa Teresa has to offer you, or grab a meal from your private chef to fill you up after your private charter flight, the world is your oyster when you fly private to Casa Teresa.

To learn more about rates and availability, send us an email or call us today. You don’t have to wait another moment to start experiencing the adventure of a lifetime: fly to Casa Teresa and fly in comfort and style like you’ve never seen before.