Experience Tide Pools

Corals and sea anemones underwater

You haven’t truly experienced this gorgeous paradise until you’ve taken a nosedive underwater and seen all the beautiful flora and fauna flourishing just under the surface of the waves. If you’re planning to hit the beach, it’s a must that you take that one extra step into the water and see some lovely Costa Rica tide pools.

Playa Hermosa isn’t just a beautiful beach and one of the most sought after surfing locations in the pacific: it also plays host to what one blogger refers to as an oceanic swimming pool! You’ll also be able to find many beautiful tide pools along the shores of Malpais, and a dazzling bevy of beautiful creatures that reside within them as well. Don’t forget to take a look at the hidden tide pools of Montezuma Beach, a Costa Rica locale that many visitors find themselves coming back to again and again.

These are just a few of the gorgeous aquatic nature sights you’ll be able to experience in Costa Rica; many more are just a short walk or drive away when you choose to book a stay with Casa Teresa. Our friendly and experienced staff will be able to help you go tide pool exploring with the best of them, so don’t hesitate to ask about all the wonderful things to do on or near our grounds. If you’ve been itching to see the Costa Rica tide pools and indulge in fun and luxury while you’re at it, stay with Casa Teresa on your next vacation.