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Waterfall Lake At Casa Teresa 1

There have always been adventurous things to do in Santa Teresa. But before the crystal ball in New York’s Times Square had dropped to usher in the New Millennium, the opportunities for safe adventure that surround our graceful villa were largely thought of as Costa Rican recreations, meaning enjoyments in which local residents, and not visitors, took part. To put it simply: in the 2 decades between the start of the New Millenium and now, a lot has changed.

Things to Do in Santa Teresa

Today, Santa Teresa is a well-known destination for world travel. The increased visibility is partly attributable to shared media; when the Internet began to boom, so did tourism in our area. Compared to many overrun towns that welcome tourists to the tropics, the natural beauty of Santa Teresa is fully unspoiled. This is one thing that makes the town so special: Costa Rica recreation abounds on land and water, but the increase in visibility has not blighted nature’s glow.

Adventures on the Land

  • World-class dining
  • Zipline adventures
  • Private hiking tours
  • Cave exploration
  • Horseback Riding
  • Site-specific tours

Adventures in the Water