Fishing In Santa Teresa

silhouette of man fishing in front of purple sunset

You’re only a snorkel or a fishing rod away from seeing some of the most beautiful aquatic wildlife on the planet when you choose to stay with us at Casa Teresa. Here are just a few of the fantastic opportunities you’ll have for fishing in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

  • Pescatica Fishing Tours offer both sport fishing and kayak fishing for those who love to get up close and personal with their catch.
  • Zuma Tours provide taxi boat tours where you’ll be able to catch and observe the gorgeous fish of Costa Rica.
  • Tico Brothers Sports Fishing will expose you to a personal fishing tour that will get you deeply acquainted with the local fish the area has to offer.

If you need more general information about fishing in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, we’ve got you covered there too! Costarica.org offers a fantastic rundown of all the fish you can see during your stay, as well as which seasons are best for catching which types of fish.

We can fill you in on so many more Costa Rica fishing adventures when you book a stay with Casa Teresa today. Whether you’re interested in seeing these fish, catching them yourself, or just chowing down, Casa Teresa will serve up just what you are looking for.