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Casa Teresa envelops you in a tropical atmosphere of luxury and ease. The villa is one of the finest luxury rentals on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, offering a meticulously appointed interior that’s readymade for celebratory events. Few rental luxury homes in Costa Rica offer this degree of intimate, oceanic scenery. Take a look at our photo gallery, and imagine the possibilities.

Explore Casa Teresa

Explore Casa Teresa Grande

Artful Architecture of Morocco

The Moroccan-inspired architecture of the villa is a fusion of traditional, modern, and contemporary design. When you arrive, take a self-guided tour of the exterior to see the elements up close. From the general masonry to the smallest adornments, Casa Teresa is an impeccable gem.

Rooms with an Unforgettable Ocean View

Few luxury rentals in Costa Rica come close to offering dazzling ocean views enjoyed from the rooms of Casa Teresa. From sunup to sundown, you can watch the sun hit the water, without beach life occluding your view. Even a nature lover will enjoy a day spent indoors.

Meticulously Modern Interiors

As you would expect from rental luxury homes in Costa Rica, Casa Teresa comes equipped for living life to the fullest. The design theme is decidedly modern but is warm enough to please traditionalists. If you need to celebrate an event, this is your place.

Poolside Near the Oceanside

Santa Teresa is not a spring break party haven, but the beach near Casa Teresa fills with sunbathers during the warm season. If the shore is too busy for your personal sense of space, head to the inground pool on the property. It’s perfect for relaxing or swimming laps.

Backend Beachfront Scenery

The trendy beachfront areas of Santa Teresa are prime locations for luxury rentals in Costa Rica. At Casa Teresa, the rear of the property borders a beachfront and is separated from the shore by a discreet fence and a diffuse line of trees. You’ll enjoy a stunning, private view.

Breathtaking Experiences

The experiences at Casa Teresa are breathtaking and unforgettable. Alongside stunning architecture and those sea views, while staying at our luxury home in Costa Rica, you can also enjoy immaculate dining experiences by private chefs or visit world renowned eateries. Before or after your tasty meal, you can decide to go for a hike through the Montezuma Waterfalls or spend time ziplining through luscious forests. At our luxury rental Costa Rica, the possibilities for relaxation, adventure, entertainment, and delicious food are endless.

Choose Your Views

At Casa Teresa the view you enjoy is always your choice. If you desire to lounge on the beach all day and enjoy the view, or to spend most of your time experiencing new foods, then that is completely up to you. Our priority is ensuring your stay at our luxury home in Costa Rica is one of the best. 

Enjoy the views both indoors and outdoors, center yourself with calming yoga, or explore luscious greenery with professional tour guides. Choosing our luxury rental in Costa Rica is choosing your wildest dreams. Explore our gallery to get just a little sneak peak at blissful luxury.

Our Testimonials

While our gallery gives you a look at the scenery you will experience, our guest testimonials will give you a real feel of what it’s like to stay at Casa Teresa. Referred to as “heaven on earth” by previous guests, our private luxury beach rental is placed at a standard that we aim to keep. Athletes, investors, architects and many others have made wonderful memories while on vacation with us. Learn more about our guest testimonials here.

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Casa Teresa offers easy access to opportunities in Santa Teresa, and can accommodate a variety of celebratory events. Please contact us for information on reservations and pricing.