Experiences: Explore

Trees along the shore of a tropical beach

When you book a trip with Casa Teresa, you’re not just signing up for a luxurious time in our exquisite villa: you’re charting a destination to one of the most beautiful and vibrant places on Earth. This little beach town has a lot to offer, and we have some of the best ways to explore Costa Rica right here.

  • Zipline Tours: Santa Teresa is incredibly close to a number of stunning nature reservations, and a zipline tour is a way to explore this wilderness in a way that’s safe, comfortable and thrilling all at once.
  • Gorgeous Beaches: Santa Teresa is known for having some of the best surfing spots in the world, but even if you’re not looking to hang ten anytime soon you can still relax and appreciate the beautiful beaches that border the town on all sides. In fact, the most pristine beach in town is right in front of Casa Teresa!
  • Delicious Dining: You can’t explore Costa Rica without indulging in the sumptuous local eateries that abound all across the town. If you’ve never had a boquito or a Costa Rican-style empanada before, you’re in for a real treat (literally).
  • Come Sail Away: Choosing to explore Santa Teresa by boat is the experience of a lifetime. Soaking in this tropical paradise from the view of its gentle waters is something you’ll always be able to cherish.

These are just a few of the activities that await you in or around Casa Teresa, so book your trip now and start planning the getaway of your dreams.