Zip It! Canopy Tours, and Other Sky-High Adventures

Sky High Adventure

Do heights make you dizzy? If so, you may not want to look down at the rest of this blog (pun intended). On the other hand, if adventures that touch the sky are your idea of a good time, some exciting activities near our villa are waiting to sweep you off your feet. From zooming at high velocity on a zipline tour to hovering high above the ocean on a helicopter ride, here are four adventures that were created with you in mind. Enjoy them when you stay at Casa Teresa.

1. Zip Line Tour

Tour the lush, tropical slopes of the Santa Teresa Mountains by zipping above them at breathtaking speeds. Ziplines, as we know them today, have been in use for at least 100 years. Throughout most of their existence, they’ve been used to assist local travelers who need a way to cross rivers and gorges on daily travels or descend from high-altitude locations in a flash.

More recently, zooming across ziplines has become a way to tour nature sites, particularly in areas that would be difficult to trek. If you’ve never traveled by zipline, prepare for scenery that rushes by you too quickly for point and shoot photographers to gain their bearings.

If releasing adrenaline is your version of relaxing, don’t miss out on a Santa Teresa zipline adventure. If you’ll soon be our guest, contact us ahead of time; we’ll present the best zipline tour options, and make arrangements for your Santa Teresa zipline experience.

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

For centuries, giant balloons have been filled with hot air to make them rise, and lift a gondola of excited passengers into the sky. Known as “aerostats”, which are aircraft that operate without steering, today’s balloons work as they always have: ascending slowly and surely, as the burner pumps sweltering air into the envelope. After 10 to 15 minutes, the filled balloon begins to rise. After 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll have an awe inspiring view of Santa Teresa’s tropical coastline.

As you learned in science class, what goes up must surely come down. But a hot air balloon takes a while to do either. If you decide to embark on a balloon ride while you’re here, be sure to inquire about the length of the experience, especially if your itinerary is planned by the hour. If you do a zipline tour and a balloon ride on the same day, near dusk is a good time for the latter, for two reasons: a Santa Teresa zipline adventure should be well-lit, and being high in the sky will give you a great view of the sunset.

In addition, because space in a hot air balloon’s gondola is cozy, it’s a flight that most of our guests prefer to take with family or close friends. If you’ll soon be arriving at Casa Teresa, contact us in advance; we’ll make arrangements for your hot air balloon ride.

3. Parasailing the Pacific

Strapping on a parasail, and then taking to the sky, is as close as you can come to answering the ancient question: what’s it like to be a bird in the sky? Parasailers fly closer to the earth than hang gliders, and they don’t speed quite as fast. The tradeoff? You can stay suspended longer because the boat that you’re tethered to has a larger fuel reserve than a hang glider.

Despite appearances, it’s relatively easy to become proficient at hang gliding; after a few sessions, you should have it down pat. But always remember to use a driver who has years of experience pulling gliders. The maneuvering of the vessel can affect your safety, and it always affects the quality of the flight.

Parasailing on the Pacific is similar to ziplining on the Santa Teresa Mountains. The difference is that a zipline tour usually entails several “zips”, one after the other, whereas a parasailing excursion can be one long ride. If you’ll soon be lodging at Casa Teresa, contact us in advance; we’re happy to present you with options and arrange the parasailing adventure of your choice.

4. Helicopter Adventure

Some of our guests choose to take a scenic helicopter ride, as they complete the last leg of their exciting journey to our villa. If you decide to reach us on four wheels instead, you can always tour the town by copter later on. When your visit at Casa Teresa concludes, you also have the option of departing in a helicopter. It’s a great way to take a long, reflective view of the paradise that you experienced in the tropics of Costa Rica, which awaits your return, as our guest.

Our guests regularly take helicopter rides during their stays. With a landing pad stationed within walking distance of the villa, you can enter the aircraft, and disembark from it, in privacy. Are you a well-known personality, who attracts attention on the street? If so, traveling privately by helicopter could be more than just a luxury; for your peace of mind, it could be a necessity.

As with zipline tours, balloon rides, and parasailing, there are plenty of options for helicopter rides. Some providers simply facilitate travel, while others specialize in taking you on tours of special sites. If you’ll soon be staying as our guest, contact us ahead of time; we’ll present you with a list of providers and their specialties, and arrange your flights in advance of your arrival.

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