Take Me Away: The Ultimate Guide to Sailing in Santa Teresa

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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, was once a remote fishing village. Today, it is a world-class vacation spot. The smell of fresh fish throughout the farmer’s market recalls the town’s rich history of fishing, but Santa Teresa’s trendy beaches and distinctive, natural sites have made tourism the town’s strongest industry. Sailing the Costa Rica coast in your own sailing rental, or relaxing on a leisurely tour boat instead, can afford you a fantastic view of both. 

If you plan to stay at Casa Teresa, and you’d love to see camera-worthy scenes of the local coast, we’ll arrange a sailing rental that lets you reach the best sites. Choose between packages that offer a private skipper, packages that let you be your own ship captain, and packages that prepare you to set sail on guided tours. 

Costa Rica: A Tale of Two Coasts

Costa Rica is bordered by expansive bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean is located to the west, and the Caribbean Sea is hours away, in the east. They frame the wide land bridge that Costa Rica forms between neighboring Nicaragua and Panama, giving tourists who love shorelines double the pleasure for their visit. 

Is sailing the Costa Rica coast on your vacation to-do list? Which stretch of the nation’s shoreline would you prefer to see first: the Caribbean or the Pacific? For most guests at our luxurious villa, the latter is the obvious choice. Our property sits on Santa Teresa beach; depending on the route of your sailing tour, you may even notice our location as you pass.     

Caribbean Shore

Countless travelers have fallen hard for the Caribbean’s warm breezes and decided to hold weddings on its shores. The tropical scenery that lures couples in also appeals to nature lovers, who enjoy gathering for late nights around campfires, where the singing is as carefree as the tide. During the day, revelers are replaced by sunbathers, who might wave to your vessel as it passes. Local residents embrace tours of the area, making you feel at home.

Because the area’s humid climate breathes warmth year-round, the verdure that climbs the headlands grows especially dense and lush, creating a seascape that is a nature lover’s dream. It’s like a painting of the tropics from the set of an old film, but with more attention paid to detail and scale. Sailing the Costa Rica coast, where it receives the Caribbean’s balmy tide, makes the rendering come vibrantly alive. Bring your camera and binoculars so you don’t miss a single scene.    

Pacific Coastline

If you’re looking for luxurious accommodations, consider staying at our 5-star villa. Sailing rentals are nearby to let you or your small group sail the Costa Rica coastline at the pace that you prefer. You can also schedule guided tours of the coastline’s best sites, riding passenger past scenes that beg for photos. You’ll soon be sharing your first photo album on a social site, and describing your vacation in the tropics, where leisurely days begin and end at our villa.  

Sailing Costa Rica on Your Own

Unlike conventional boat tours, where tour guides shape your expectations of upcoming sights, traversing the coast in your own sailing rental permits a true sense of discovery, making your trip feel more spontaneous and adventurous. Boats are available both with and without skippers. Catamarans, motorboats, gulets, Sac RIBs, and other seaworthy vessels are up for grabs. Let us know your boat preference, and we’ll arrange for the vessel to be yours for a day.   

Oceanside Idylls

Santa Teresa has an idyllic coastal border. Home to natives and jet setting, eco-minded surfers, its beaches remain remarkably pristine. Flotsam and jetsam occasionally roll in, but discarded items that often litter the world’s popular beaches are never left to be collected by the wind. Bring binoculars, so you can stand on the deck of your sailing vessel, and get a close-up look at the long, scenic views.

You’ll see untamed forestry overhanging white beaches, like tasseled hair above a porcelain brow. You’ll also glimpse headlands that descend to the beach, their craggy slopes thinly blanketed with vegetation, as if they were oversized, moss-covered stones. You’ll encounter long stretches of beachfront, where the eye can see for miles until the shoreline ducks around a bend. Enjoy observing these scenes to nature’s oceanic score: the white noise of tossing water and brisk wind, intermingled with the caws of gliding seagulls.

Sailing Costa Rica with a Group

Should your tour of the Santa Teresa coastline be a shared or an individual experience? If you’re in town for a honeymoon, a vacation with friends or family, or a business trip received as a reward for great performance, the question may already be answered. But most tourists explore the coast in sailing groups of at least four. 

Guided tours of the coast are also available for public groups. The tours may put you in the company of fellow travelers, but the prearranged routes always take you to great sites. Your large group may sail a few knots slower than a small group. But is time “of the essence”, as it would normally be? When you travel to Santa Teresa for rest and relaxation, touring the coast with a large group can ease your mind. The operation of the vessel and its route are non-concerns. You can hone in on the scenery, and capture photos of rare tropics.

We’ll Arrange for Your Sailboat

To help you see its many miles of beautiful coastline, Santa Teresa offers several types of vessels for rent. Which boat do you most prefer? On h2 to access your sailing rental, and at what time? As our guest, simply tell us your preferences; our staff will make your sailing trip arrangements. For information about arrangements, please contact us today.