Going Solo: 6 Great Reasons To Travel Alone

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For some people, being alone is one of life’s least desirable circumstances. Sure, everyone needs personal space, but the idea of being alone for an extended period of time — even days — can seem like a hurdle.

But while social interaction is necessary for good health, quality time by yourself can be highly valuable, too. Have you ever considered traveling alone on a solo beach vacation? If not, below are six reasons why you should. If you decide that traveling alone would be good for you, and visiting Costa Rica sounds blissful, reserve a stay at Casa Teresa, in the tropical town of Santa Teresa.

1. Helps You Disengage from Daily Stress

No matter how wonderful they are, the special people in our lives aren’t perfect. Sometimes, it’s not even their imperfections that bring us stress. Instead, it’s their valid responses to our own imperfections that make us cringe, as they talk about our life in a way we don’t like to hear.

Spending too much time apart from a loved one can cause estrangement, but having some “downtime” from the relationship can work the opposite effect. In the right amount, absence can indeed make the heart grow fonder, especially when we’re fond of the absent person in the first place. When you take a solo beach vacation, you’re likely to find yourself thinking positively of the special people in your life, who seemed to be causing you stress, when you embarked on the trip.

2. Affords Clarity of Thought for Decisions

“There’s not enough time in the day”. In one form or another, many people make this statement regularly. Putting our own lives on hold for the sake of others’ lives is necessary for maintaining good relations. However, depending on the needs of the special people in your life, you might continually meet their needs, without them meeting yours, for a period of time.

While humility and self-sacrifice are honorable, self-actualization is required for a positive sense of self-worth. Regardless of the situation, if it puts important life decisions on hold, it’s important to find a way for those decisions to be made. Sometimes, spending quality alone time is all it takes. Traveling alone in Santa Teresa could offer some much-needed time to make decisions that move your life forward.

3. Encourages Understanding of Self

One of life’s psychological mysteries is our tendency to not “know ourselves” as well as we would like, despite the fact that we ostensibly control our own thoughts and actions. Interpreting issues that produce the phenomenon is a scholarly pursuit, but they seem to boil down to one problem: a lack of self-reflection.

Sometimes, the issue is an unwillingness to self-reflect. But genuinely lacking time, or being surrounded by conditions that cause distraction, can also be responsible. If a lack of time or a distraction is the obstacle in your case, traveling alone to spend time at a serene destination can address the issue.

4. Improves Your Understanding of Others

In addition to not knowing ourselves better, the need to know others better is another problem we often face. Again, traveling alone to a serene destination can offer the time and space we need to contemplate the situation, and hopefully, address it by gaining a clearer understanding of relationships.

5. Offers Greater Cost Efficiency of Travel

The most objective benefit of traveling alone is that it can cost less than traveling with others, especially if you would pay their way. Do you dream of traveling to far off places, yet never make plans to go, because traveling with a family would be too costly at the moment? Would the trip still be out of reach if you decided to travel solo? If not, it’s a reason to consider traveling alone, especially if any reasons that are listed above would apply, too.

6. Helps the “I Give, not Receive” Feeling

Many people feel this way at one time or another, whether due to parenthood, caring for relatives, or simply handling the daily grind. While giving without receiving is the right move in many instances, giving to the point that you have nothing left risks more than not having what you need. You also risk feeling bitter for not having it.

Can a solo beach vacation count as a personal need? Depending on other things that you need, and why you need them, taking a getaway by yourself could count as more than a selfish “want”.

Enjoy Being Alone, Without Being Lonely

Spending time with others in a meaningful capacity is necessary for good mental health. In some respects, the same can be said of spending time by yourself. In addition to helping you disengage from the stress of daily life, spending time alone can give you clarity of thought that helps you make life-changing decisions. What better place to make them than in a luxury villa, on the beautiful coast of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica?When you’re ready for the benefits that come with traveling alone and taking a solo beach vacation is your option of choice, spend your “me time” at Casa Teresa, where our staff will promptly handle your requests. Please contact us for information on reservations and pricing.