Up In Flames! How to Throw The Ultimate Beach Bonfire

People Enjoying Bonfire at Beach

If you observed two parties occurring side by side, which one would you rather attend: a beach bonfire party that was decided at the last minute and still came together; or the very same party planned a month in advance, with cues from a tastemaking blog on how to build a bonfire on the beach? If you need to impress a date, option two is smart. The fire is your love light, and you want it to stay lit.

The Bonfire as the Life of the Party

A beach bonfire party has four crucial elements: the guests in attendance, the quality of the drinks, the night’s weather, and the blazing fire. Of these staples for the occasion, fire is the most important. Without it, the event lacks an irreplaceable piece of ambience. It’s simplya bunch of people singing and yell-talking in the dark, indirectly speaking out against the low tide. If the fire goes out before the revelers get up to leave, the party has ‘gone up in flames’, you could say.

A beach bonfire party can be refreshingly low-maintenance. But with simplification comes a tradeoff: the life of the party depends on the life of the fire. If you’ll be hosting the party, you have a twofold duty: knowing how to build a bonfire on the beach, and keeping the flames leaping until the party ends. If you’re getting ready to build your first ever bonfire on the beach, here are four essential tips for performing the job well:

1. Pick an Area that Suits the Size of Your Party

World class attractions in Santa Teresa make it a geographical magnet for world travelers who spend big in traveling, and expect to be catered to. Letting your party spill over into their personal space is unreasonable .The same applies to their festivities in relation to your own space. There’s plenty of public beachfront property in Santa Teresa for tourists to share; when you stake your claim to a piece of it for an evening bonfire, try to stake out 6’ x 6 ‘feet of square space for each person you invite.

2. Decide on the Degree of Privacy You Require

Is someone who’s set to attend the beach bonfire party a public personality, who commands attention on the street? If so, and depending on the person’s celebrity status, it may be smart to rent a private, secluded stretch shoreline for the night, and flank each side with a hired security. Underhanded autograph seekers sneaking into the party could become a problem.

3. Be Aware of Local Laws Before You Celebrate

When you visit another country, you can expect the law to differ from home. In some instances, the differences are superficial, such as how an individual is processed by authorities after being detained. In other instances, a quizzical law might result in an automatic fine for something that’s seemingly innocuous, such as depositing chewing gum in the wrong waste receptacle. If you discover a law that could impact the beach bonfire party,be proactive and let your guests know.

4. Stock Enough Wood to Keep the Fire Blazing

The log-built burn stack for your bonfire will begin the night with a crown of bright, orange flames. But what about three hours later, when you’re running low on firewood, and the event still has two hours to go? An unlucky guest may have to run an errand for the sake of other partygoers. If your wood is dry, the fire will consume it quickly. For the sake of burn time, it’s ideal to combine younger wood that is slightly damp with older, drier wood that ignites quickly.

Build a Bonfire Behind the Villa

If you’ll soon be traveling to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, and you would love to spend a night around a bonfire while you’re here, Casa Teresa is a perfect place to stay. Our real estate arrears closely to gorgeous Santa Teresa Beach, where dawn and dusk welcome world class surfing, Snorkeling, sportfishing, sailing, and parasailing are other oceanic pastimes for the taking.

Before night arrives, and the beach bonfire party gets started, head back to the comfort of our luxurious villa, where tropical greenery enrobes you in restful privacy. If you will serve as your party’s host, you could even hold the event within a few yards of your accommodations. For local advice on bonfire celebrations in our area, please contact us today to receive information.