Celebrity Getaways: Why Liev Schreiber and Ryan Seacrest Love this Spot

Celebrity Vacation Spot - Waterfall

At Casa Teresa we’re not exaggerating when we say you’ll be getting the star treatment at our villa. None other than Liev Schreiber have deigned to stay on our grounds, and been back to California with nothing but rave reviews! But what exactly is it that makes our rental one of Costa Rica’s most desirable celebrity vacation spots? Allow us to explain.

All for You

There isn’t a single part of the Casa Teresa experience that isn’t custom-made to get you the most out of our beach paradise. From your personal flight to our grounds to the individual chef who’ll be making your meals and the security personnel who’ll be keeping you safe, “private” is the word for the services you’ll be getting from us. It’s no wonder this is one of the area’s prime celebrity vacation spots: everyone who walks through our doors gets the VIP treatment, guaranteed.

What’s more, our concierges are hand-picked by management to be the most friendly and knowledgeable experts on Costa Rica you can find in Santa Teresa, and they’ll be happy to help you tailor your experience at Santa Teresa to your exact desires. When you stay with Casa Teresa, everywhere you go can be one of the hippest celebrity vacation spots in the world.

Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Costa Rica is a small beach town with a massive number of things to do and see, making it one of the most in demand private vacation spots in the world. For the outdoorsmen among you, there are myriad wildlife reservations within easy driving distance of Santa Teresa. There’s nothing like ziplining through a protected forest and seeing all the natural splendor of the area with equal parts thrill and comfort. And for those of you who want to get a little wetter with your secretive celebrity vacation spots, there are beautiful waterfalls not far from our estate as well.

The locales that surround our villa also offer an abundance of delicious eateries, with everything from organic home cooking to American comfort food. If you’ve never experienced the pleasure of authentic Costa Rican food, there’s no better time or place to try it than the beautiful spots this cuisine originates from. But no matter what you’re coming here for, you can’t miss out on one of the beach sunsets that have made us one of the hottest celebrity vacation spots in Costa Rica.

Celebrity Vacation Spots to Remember at Casa Teresa

Class Meets Convenience

Casa Teresa has been built from the ground up to combine architecture that’s at once sophisticated and welcoming with a location that will make getting anywhere you want to reach a tropical breeze. Our villa has been designed with a classical Moroccan motif that will put you in mind of the most indulgent luxuries, and our rooms open right onto some of the most astonishing beaches in the Pacific. You’ll be situated within a half-mile radius of one of Santa Teresa’s most attractive celebrity vacation spots, as well: its restaurants! Casa Teresa puts a world of luxury entirely at your beck and call.

An All New Way to Relax

No matter how much you love your favorite yoga spot, trust us on this: you haven’t experienced yoga in its purest form until you’ve practiced it on one of Costa Rica’s pristine beaches at the break of dawn. Casa Teresa offers guided meditation and yoga sessions that are tailored to your comfort and experience level, all of which take place on some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet. Our fitness professionals have helped celebrities of all kinds unwind and find serenity, and they’ll be happy to do exactly the same for you. The private vacation spots that constitute our wellness classes will give you a whole new perspective on inner peace.

Celebrity Vacation Spots to Remember at Casa Teresa

Whether you’re trying to escape the paparazzi of the Hollywood Hills or just hoping to get away from the grind that accompanies every commute from the suburbs, you can find the perfect way to relax and unwind at Casa Teresa. Our services are geared to make sure everyone who enters our estate finds the luxurious getaway of their dreams; between the natural beauty of Costa Rica and our friendly concierges, who can fill you in on everything you need to see and do during your stay here, you’ll understand what makes Casa Teresa one of the most in-demand celebrity vacation spots around.To book your trip to paradise and start feeling like a star, get in touch with us today and ask about our weekly rates and availability. Whether you show up by way of chartered flight, commercial airline or private helicopter, you’re going to be treated like royalty the moment you step foot on our pristine sands. You’re only going to visit private vacation spots like this one so many times in your life, so make sure you get in on the ground floor and start experiencing the perfect retreat that is Casa Teresa.