An Insider’s Guide to Visiting Costa Rica

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Are you planning on visiting Costa Rica or wondering whether Costa Rica is the right destination for your next vacation? With its lush natural beauty, pristine beaches, exciting outdoor sports, and incredible culture, Costa Rica has something for every kind of traveler. 

Whether you’ve been to Costa Rica before or are planning your first visit, this guide from Casa Teresa will let you in on expert travel to Costa Rica advice and all the insider tips for making the most of all Costa Rica has to offer for a sophisticated, exciting vacation experience you’ll not soon forget. 

What is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s dense and thriving rainforests are nourished by the rainy season—but most travelers understandably want to avoid these periods for their luxury vacations! We recommend booking in July and August, while avoiding May, June, September, and October due to the heavy rains. November through April are also lovely months to visit as you can expect temperate, drier weather that will allow you to make the most of our beautiful beaches, sunbathing, swimming, and beach activities

Do I need to know Spanish to get around?

While it may be helpful to know Spanish it is by no means necessary when visiting Costa Rica. As a part of our luxury villa services our concierge staff can arrange every aspect of your trip and offer unparalleled travel to Costa Rica advice and planning. When you book one or both of our villas, we will help arrange any excursions, meals, and travel to and from the villas to help your trip feel as smooth and seamless as possible.  

What should I pack when visiting Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s weather, especially when you are visiting during the drier months, is temperate and pleasant, so you can wear warm-weather clothing and perhaps pack a long sleeved sweater or shirt in the case of any cooler nights or mornings. You will also want to bring bathing suits, sandals, as well as any clothing that will help you stay comfortable during activities you plan to do, like hikes or boat excursions, along with a good pair of sneakers or hiking boots. Other important items to pack include mosquito repellent and sunscreen to make your time outdoors safe and comfortable. 

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What kind of day trips should I plan?

Visiting Costa Rica means access to all kinds of natural wonders, from beautiful beaches and tide pools to staggeringly tall waterfalls and lush, dense rainforest. At Casa Teresa our  proximity to the Caso Blanco nature preserve and the Tortuga Islands allow visitors to see stunning land and sea animals in their natural habitats. Our concierge services at our luxury villas can help you arrange any kind of day tour you’d like to experience during your stay, including guided hikes, ATV tours, boat tours, and more, and are available while planning your trip for any travel to Costa Rica advice you need along the way. 

What is the food like in Costa Rica?

At Casa Teresa, you can experience a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience with the best private chefs in the country to help make all of your meals here memorable and exciting. We prioritize fresh, local, organic ingredients that take advantage of our vibrant regional flavors. Expect delicious meat and seafood, fresh fruits, and expertly prepared vegetable dishes. Our staff can help tailor your menu to specific dining preferences, special diets, and allergies – we proudly partner with great vegetarian and vegan-friendly chefs who can create an unforgettable menu for any taste. We will work with you before your visit to help craft a menu you will savor and enjoy while visiting Costa Rica. 

Additionally, there are many wonderful local restaurants in the town of Santa Teresa and our concierge will be delighted to assist you with recommendations and reservations. 

What kind of cultural experiences can I enjoy? 

With a vibrant restaurant scene as well as charming shops and local artisans and views of surfers from all over the world catching amazing waves, a vacation in Santa Teresa allows visitors to slow down and experience that ‘pura vida’ lifestyle Costa Rica is renowned for.

What kind of movement practices and bodywork do you recommend while in Costa Rica?

In addition to the cultural experiences in the Santa Teresa area, if you are a guest at Casa Teresa and are interested in wellness, we can arrange for private and group yoga classes and meditation classes that will help you enjoy a peaceful and restorative trip. Our bodywork offerings, including custom massages, are beloved by our guests and offer a chance to truly unwind in the comfort of your private villa.

Is Costa Rica a good place for families to travel?

Visiting Costa Rica is a wonderful experience for families of all sizes and ages. Costa Rica is a very family-oriented place and restaurants, cultural sites, and other destinations welcome children and family groups with smiling faces. Our villas make wonderful accommodations for families. 

Casa Teresa Grande is a dazzling space for larger family gatherings and boasts seven bedrooms, a kitchen prep area, a barbeque area with ample outside seating, a game room, a gym, and a lap pool so that there’s something to entertain and delight everyone in your group during all parts of your stay. 

Our Casa Teresa villa is perfect for the immediate family, with four bedrooms and four private en suite bathrooms, as well as a top of the line kitchen space, maid service, and stunning views of the property. 

If you are traveling with a larger group you can also book both of the villas together to accommodate your entire party in comfort and sophisticated style. 

How do you book a destination wedding in Costa Rica? 

Some people find that visiting Costa Rica inspires them so much they want to make it the setting for special events in the future, including family reunions, weddings, and more. We may be biased but it is hard to imagine a more beautiful backdrop to your wedding than the stunning landscape of Santa Teresa, with its sparkling blue waters and white sandy beaches. Casa Teresa is happy to help you plan an incredible destination wedding in paradise, from spa services for your wedding party to crafting the wedding menu of your dreams. 

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