Planning the Ultimate Family Vacation in Costa Rica

a large family enjoying their family reunion on the beach

Family vacations inspire fond memories even with the simplest of excursions or getaways, but if you’re wanting to go all out, spring for the ultimate family Costa Rica vacation. 

Costa Rica is an amazing destination regardless of what you do, but it can become an unforgettable experience when you stack your Costa Rica family itinerary with all the luxury essentials. Because there are so many great options, it can get overwhelming to consider what to prioritize when you’re trying to create your experience on your own. Instead, your plans may just be choosing an all-in-one option and letting that decision take care of everything else. 

Take a look at some of the incredible advantages of Costa Rica vacation rentals for large groups at the Casa Teresa Luxury Villas.

the picturesque Costa Rican coastline

Plan A Top-Tier Family Reunion

Picture this: your family touches down in Costa Rica, reuniting on the tarmac before taking private transportation to picturesque shores and sprawling villas tucked away in total seclusion. You enjoy some beach time, with surfing and snorkeling, and then get treated to authentic cuisine from a private chef and then head off to luxurious comfort in spacious accommodations with enough time to prepare for more adventures in the morning. Sound too good to be true? Think again! This level of family reunion can be your reality when you choose luxury Costa Rica vacation rentals for large groups! There are amazing opportunities awaiting your family’s Costa Rica vacation.

While there are many areas of Costa Rica that are great to visit and enjoy, a private villa in a more secluded area gives you the perfect blend of country experience and finest accommodations, all in your luxurious seclusion so your family can have a vacation in complete style and comfort. 

For this ultimate experience, you won’t find a better choice than the villas tucked on the private shoreline of Santa Teresa. When you book with us, we will help you with services, experiences, and resources ready-made for your Costa Rica family itinerary.

Walk on the Wild Side 

There are limitless places to explore and experiences to try on a family Costa Rica vacation. Consider adding some of the following options to your Costa Rica family itinerary:

  • Relax on a famous or little-known beach
  • Catch the waves with some of the best surfing
  • Explore the crystal-clear water with diving and snorkeling spots
  • Take a canopy zip line tour
  • Observe amazing natural wildlife 
  • Go on stunning hiking trails 
  • Ride horses
  • Try sportfishing

And this list is really just scratching the surface of the possible ways to walk (or zip!) on the wild side while on your family Costa Rica vacation.

a keel-billed toucan, a good example of Costa Rican wildlife

Relish Opportunities for Wellness

Yes, there are lots of wild options in Costa Rica, but you can also slow your family Costa Rica vacation down with some wellness options. When you book a luxury villa, there’s plenty of opportunities for meditation, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Let your vacation truly be a rest. 

Need a break from the family? You can get centered during your stay by requesting individual meditation services. We also offer intimate yoga sessions that you can add to your Costa Rica family itinerary. You can customize the experience; for example, all the women can enjoy a private yoga session while the men wrangle the kids, or all the couples can have a guided meditation experience while the teenagers take the kids to the beach. The possibilities are endless with Costa Rica vacation rentals for large groups

A Fine Dining Treat 

Let’s be honest: any family Costa Rica vacation has to consider the food. Luckily for you, a luxury villa means the best in every aspect, including every meal. While in Costa Rica, you can experience the highest quality of local cuisine and fine dining in general. When you stay at the villas in Casa Teresa, Santa Teresa’s eateries, cafes, organic fruit stands, and fish shops are minutes away, and you can also book a private chef for an elite cuisine experience. Foodies and sustainability lovers will also enjoy the nearby Hacienda Okhra, a local organic farm specializing in growing produce with hydroponics. 

a large family enjoying their family reunion on the beach

An All-in-One Experience 

What is the best part about booking luxury villas for your family Costa Rica vacation? You get to enjoy the experiences of all the excursions but then get the seclusion of a retreat that offers the finest any country has to offer. 

Santa Teresa is an amazing beach, and the Casa Teresa Luxury Villas make it an even more unforgettable experience. 

Casa Teresa sleeps up to eight guests in endless comfort, and the bigger villa, Casa Teresa Grande, can hold twice as many. So, your reunion in style can have up to 24 guests – perfect for vacations, events, reunions. Casa Teresa’s luxury villas offer an unbeatable experience that is truly all-in-one. Our dedicated team is experienced in and willing to help with every aspect of your events or stays. You can even add in a personal concierge service.

Breathe easy and breathe in the amazing Costa Rica experience you’re about to have on your family Costa Rica vacation. All you have to do is book our villas and we’ll help you take care of the rest of your Costa Rica family itinerary. Take a look at our testimonials and you’ll see the kind of experience you’re in for. With ready-made experiences, a range of included and add-on services, and great resources and support tailored to your large family group, Casa Teresa is all you’ll need to make this family Costa Rica vacation the best trip any of you have ever taken.