Elements of an Eco-Friendly Luxury Vacation Destination

A green sea turtle swimming in blue water

Ecology and comfort go hand in hand with luxury vacations in Costa Rica. One of the world’s most pristine natural playgrounds, Costa Rica offers you the chance to immerse yourself in sustainable adventures without sacrificing the comforts of home. Discover why Santa Teresa—located on the Nicoya Peninsula—is one of the eco-friendly travel destinations you won’t want to miss.

Local, Organic Food

The Nicoya Peninsula offers an abundant array of culinary delights from the depths of the sea to the moist, fertile earth. Here, where rainfall is plentiful, fresh ingredients like coconuts, citrus, and greens grow sustainably without the need to pump water or deplete reserves. Prized fish such as tuna, Mahi-mahi, Barracuda, Jack Trevally can all be caught off the Pacific Coast and enjoyed with a slice of lime.

At high-end vacation rentals like Casa Teresa, you can enjoy sumptuous meals prepared by an in-house chef with fresh, organic ingredients and wild-caught seafood every single day of the year. Vegan options are also available for those who prefer a plant-based approach. With a minimum of food miles and a maximum of flavor, local, organic food provides the foundation for your eco-luxury travel experience.

Easy Access to Nature

Eco-friendly travel destinations offer the pleasure of picturesque views while leaving a negligible carbon footprint. In Costa Rica, miles and miles of natural reserves allow endemic species and visitors to meet up-close without disturbing the animals’ habitat and lifestyle. Treks, horseback tours, and zip-lining adventures take you right into the heart of the jungle with zero damage and indescribable pleasure.

When you stay at a luxury beachfront vacation rental, you can enjoy easy access to the sandy coast 24/7 with no need for taxi transportation. Here, surfing, snorkeling, sandcastle-building, and sunbathing provide an endless source of vacation fun in complete harmony with the rhythm of the waves. Whether your passion is the coast, the rainforest, or both, go deeper into the science with your own private botanist or expert surfing instructor. This is eco-luxury travel at its best.

Conservation and Volunteering

A Great Green Macaw outside in the daytime.

Another highlight of eco-friendly travel destinations in Costa Rica is the abundance of conservation activities on hand. After immersing yourself in greenery with caving, river rafting, ATV tours, and trekking, give back and help to preserve this eco-paradise with conservation and volunteering opportunities:

  • Spend time in the jungle listing and photographing wildlife. You are likely to spot tropical birds, reptiles, and jaguars while making an important contribution to data.
  • Camp out on the beach and count nesting turtles at night, spending time measuring turtles during the day. Leatherback, Hawksbill, and Green Sea Turtles are three of the main turtle species in Costa Rica.
  • Volunteer with educational programs that support children’s conservation education. Children are the environmental guardians of tomorrow, making education key to continued sustainability.

Buy Local

Every dollar counts when it comes to eco-luxury travel. And in eco-friendly travel destinations like Santa Teresa, supporting the local economy is both easy and inviting. According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), industrial pollution accounts for almost 50 percent of pollution in places like the USA. In contrast, buying local reduces pollution associated with:

  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation

Also, according to the Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, buying local also increases local economic activity by 70% compared to big-box retail. So when you buy a local coconut, handicraft, or coffee, and hire a local massage therapist, know that you are reducing pollution, boosting the local economy, and helping to promote sustainable tourism.

Discover Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations with All the Creature Comforts You Need

At Casa Teresa, enjoy the best that eco-luxury travel has to offer without sacrificing first-world comfort. Spend your days surfing, zip-lining, or counting endangered Great Green Macaws, and return to your luxury villa for a massage and restful sleep. 

When you book your getaway at Casa Teresa, you will be treated to a 24-hour concierge, wellness activities, private transportation, and first-class security. Book a stay at Casa Teresa, and discover one of the top eco-friendly travel destinations on Earth. 

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