How to Create a Luxury Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Person sitting in half-lotus pose with singing bowls at a luxury yoga retreat

Replenish your body and spirit with a once-in-a-lifetime luxury yoga retreat in Santa Teresa Costa Rica. At Casa Teresa, our exclusive and private villas and beaches offer the ultimate opportunity to unwind, recharge, and relax—a wonderful option for any group yoga experience such as a corporate retreat, bachelorette party, or a yoga teacher-led getaway that will deepen your bond with your clients, enrich their yoga practice, and help you expand your business. 

Learn more about how Casa Teresa can help you plan your dream luxury yoga retreat. 

Infinity pool surrounded by palm trees at Casa Teresa Luxury Villas, Costa Rica

Consider Your Views

While yoga often helps us look inward, it certainly doesn’t hurt to practice among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Create a varied luxury yoga retreat with opportunities to take classes in a host of stunning settings. 

If you’re a teacher you can lead your yoga session on our villa grounds or engage one of our expert yoga instructors to lead a class appropriate to your group’s goals and experience levels. 

You could also take your practice to the beach for a waterfront session in the sand. Try out new postures while gazing at the bright blue waters of the Pacific or among the lush grounds of our property. 

Ensure Quiet Options for Meditation

Quieting the mind is challenging no matter where you are but nothing caps off a good session on your mat like a meditation practice to steady your thoughts. 

Our private villas offer the perfect setting for reflection and balancing the mind during your luxury yoga retreat. Our staff will respect your every need so you have the silence and space to find your deepest calm. And if you prefer a guided meditation session one of our thoughtful and experienced teachers can be on hand to lead you or your guests through an experience to help you unwind and let your mind go. 

You’re sure to come out of your meditation feeling more focused, more relaxed, and more yourself.  

Get the Details Down

When planning a luxury yoga retreat the difference is in the details, but you want to be able to rest and enjoy yourself too! That’s where our thoughtful concierge services can truly make a difference. No need is too big or too small—including towels to keep handy during your practice, extra water bottles, access to fresh juices, and any other extras you think your group might enjoy. 

Your private concierge can also help you plan additional excursions and experiences for your group, from stimulating adventure sports to more down to earth strolls in town. 

Customize Your Dining Options

After a day spent nourishing your body with yoga, fuel your taste buds and soul with elevated dining options that offer a healthful taste of all that Costa Rica has to offer. Our private personal chefs will work with you to customize your menu for your luxury yoga retreat and accommodate any of you and your guests’ dietary restrictions or preferences. 

You can count on world class cuisine in your villa throughout your experience, from breakfasts that will stoke your energy to dinners that will replenish you. And, a glass of champagne or a cup of tea are available for yogis looking to unwind and reward themselves for a day on the mat. 

If you’re in the mood to see the town, dining in Santa Teresa’s world-class restaurants will engage your senses as you enjoy local flavors under the swaying palms. 

Enjoy Aqua Therapy

Casa Teresa’s beachfront villas offer numerous ways to explore Costa Rica’s stunning local waters. From tide pools replete with unique sea life to the meticulously maintained pools right on our property, steam rooms and cool plunge pool in our Casa Teresa Grande villa, there are many ways for your guests to reap the mental and physical benefits of swimming and enjoying aquatic activities. 

Whether your group likes to swim laps between yoga sessions, enjoy a steam room and cold plunge pool experience, or is more apt to lounge and enjoy the view, Santa Teresa has something to offer every kind of yogi. 

Move Beyond Yoga

Supplement your yoga practice with a chance to see more of what our beautiful locale has to offer. An excursion on one of Santa Teresa’s famed hiking trails will help you engage with nature and move your body in new ways. 

A morning hike can be a lovely way to get your group moving, while the days’ yoga sessions can focus on stretching and rewarding those muscles that worked so hard during your excursion. 

Looking for a day’s worth of activities? We can help you plan a Costa Rica day tour as a part of your luxury yoga retreat so you and your guests can enjoy more of what our special region has to offer. 

Add in Bodywork

A yoga retreat is the ultimate time to connect with your body and discover ways to achieve relaxation and calm. What could be more rejuvenating during a luxury yoga retreat than a massage experience in the privacy of your own villa?

Pamper yourself and your guests with body work services customized to suit their individual needs. Expert therapists can address issues and promote head to toe relaxation with thai massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, and more so that your guests feel completely tranquil and refreshed. 

Moroccan style bedroom with beach view at Casa Teresa Luxury Villas, Costa Rica

Book Your Luxury Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Make the most of your yoga retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica with all that our exclusive property has to offer. Our new Casa Teresa Grande Villa is set up to comfortably sleep up to 17 guests, or up to 21 guests when both villas are booked together to create an unrivaled yoga retreat in a setting that looks and feels like paradise. 

At Casa Teresa, we’re ready to help you design the retreat of your dreams, from customizing daily menus to facilitating the most enthralling and unique experiences our beautiful beaches and lush wilderness have to offer.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you craft a transformative, transporting  luxury yoga retreat experience for yourself and your guests.