Romantic Getaway: Costa Rica’s Best Beach Destination

boat on a sandy beach in front of a pink and purple sky

Costa Rica is a picturesque tropical destination with an endless amount to offer vacationers and adventurers. The glistening waters, colorful jungles, and stunning beach hideaways make it perfect for your dream romantic excursion, no matter where you visit. 

But out of all the destinations you’ll find in this magical country, the most romantic by far (in our humble opinion) is Santa Teresa. A quaint yet lively town on the Pacific coast, this area is packed with everything you could dream of for a romantic escape with your loved one.

Ahead is what makes Santa Teresa the ideal romantic getaway in Costa Rica

Remote, But Not Isolated

Santa Teresa is tucked away on the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the more remote areas of the country. It’s become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years, especially for surfers. Because Santa Teresa now enjoys the status of a well-known international locale, it contains every amenity you could need without being crowded by tourists.

Its distance from a major city means you won’t have to tolerate air, light, or noise pollution. You can feel like you’re in the wild without having to sacrifice modern conveniences and classic travel opportunities for tours. This romantic getaway in Costa Rica blends the accommodations you’d get in a big city with the beach hideaway feeling of a remote tropical island.

Right Next to World Famous Nature Preserves

The Nicoya Peninsula has some rare biomes that exist in very few places on earth. Costa Rica is famous for its ecological preservation efforts, and the first privately protected reserve in the entire country is located at the southern tip of this peninsula.

The Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve is known worldwide for its beauty, biodiversity, and rare species. It acts as a sanctuary for seabirds, as well as mammals such as agoutis, armadillos, wild cats, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, coatis, and much more.

For a romantic getaway in Costa Rica, it can’t get much better than hiking through one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world. You can also get a guided tour to learn more about what you’re seeing! This area is both highly protected and in high demand, so you’ll need to book your trip in advance.

Private Boat and Plane Excursions

Just a splash away from Santa Teresa are several island adventures only accessible by boat. These hidden islands make some of the most perfect romantic getaways Costa Rica has to offer, and you can explore a full island or two in just a day before returning to your beach hideaway!

Casa Teresa’s concierge services make it easy for you to rent a private boat and take it out on the sea. Or, you can even take to the sky. Our private plane service gives you an incredible bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape so you can take in just how stunning it is from above. 

The plane can also take you to and from the airport in a major city when you begin or end your Costa Rican vacation. There’s nothing like a top-down view of our gorgeous planet to make you feel small, and it’s an experience you and your loved one will remember for a lifetime. 

An Abundance of Surfing, Snorkeling, and Scuba Diving

Swimming around in crystal-clear waters is one highlight of any romantic tropical vacation, and the beaches of Costa Rica take this experience to the next level. Santa Teresa’s beach is pristine and expansive. The surrounding waters are rich with marine life, coral reefs, and point breaks. Splashing around is the perfect way to make your romantic getaway in Costa Rica special!

This beach is the ideal location for surfers of all skill levels. You’re sure to discover a variety of breaks and wave strengths to suit your preferences. If you’ve never surfed before, you’ll also find an ample amount of surfing schools geared towards tourists like yourself. These schools teach classes of all sizes in several languages and are easy to join. 

The same goes for scuba diving. It’s never difficult to find friendly instructors for both beginner divers as well as more experienced divers. With this many reefs, there’s an endless amount of beauty to discover.

You don’t even need a class for snorkeling—you can simply rent or purchase the equipment and take to the sea. However, a guide is highly recommended for ensuring you don’t miss any of the greatest wonders beneath the waves.

A Private Beach Hideaway

Tucked along the coastline of Santa Teresa’s beach are unbelievably gorgeous luxury villas that make ideal beach hideaways. Casa Teresa is one of these luxury villas perfectly suited for romantic getaways in Costa Rica

A 4,700 sq. ft. haven bordering the beautiful Santa Teresa beach, Casa Teresa features a private pool, concierge services, world class architecture, and private chef services on demand. Surrounded by lush foliage and ocean views, you’ll bask in privacy and serenity while remaining a short distance from gourmet restaurants and lively bars. Contact Casa Teresa today to book your stay!