2021: 5 Reasons For a Tropical Vacation in the New Year

man sitting in partially underwater tables at bright blue beach

You don’t need an excuse to want to go on a tropical vacation or stay at an oceanfront villa, but 2021 has plenty of them. If you’re considering how best to treat yourself once travel restrictions lift, we’ve compiled a list of our top five reasons you deserve a tropical vacation this year at Casa Teresa luxury villa.

1. You’ve probably been cooped up for far too long.

If you’ve lived through 2020, chances are you’ve spent long stretches cooped up at home with the same few people. Even if you’ve had the chance to get away and roam the country after quarantine in your state ended, international travel is, for the most part, off-limits to Americans for the foreseeable future. When travel restrictions lift, you’ll finally be able to get out and stretch your legs for the first time, and what better way to celebrate than with a tropical vacation?

Costa Rica allows for both relaxation and adventure, so you can enjoy yourself no matter your preferred travel style. You can kick back at your backyard pool at a private oceanfront villa, cocktail in hand, and finally get a chance to read that book you’ve been meaning to.

Or, if adventure tourism is more your thing, you can try zipline adventures, cave exploration, horseback tours, extreme hiking, scuba diving, parasailing, and much more. Costa Rica is a paradise for those who love to explore a unique and biodiverse setting, and you’ll feel reinvigorated after this year of staying inside.

2. Tourism dollars help Costa Rica’s economy.

No one knows when international travel will be back on for Americans, but Costa Rica is very keen to have tourists back. On November 1st, 2020, Costa Rica announced it was opening borders to all tourists who arrive by air so long as they meet COVID-19 entry requirements.

People who rely on the tourism industry will be incredibly grateful you’re taking a tropical vacation and supporting their livelihood. A large part of Costa Rica’s economy comes from tourism, one of the highest percentages in the world. Tourism comprises approximately 8% of the nation’s total GDP and employs about 9% of the nation’s population. These are astronomical numbers, and suffice to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly weakened Costa Rica’s economy.

Costa Rica made several diplomatic efforts throughout the year to lift travel restrictions from the country, and now, most places are open with restrictions.

3. Travel companies will be eager for your business.

Due to the aforementioned economic reliance on tourism, tourism companies are likely going to be clamoring for your business. Places that are normally booked solid all through the year—national parks, guided tours, and luxury oceanfront villas—are sure to have increased availability and potentially even some deals. The struggles that tourism industries have faced this year means service workers will be more willing to go the extra mile to accommodate you and ensure you have a great time.

With plenty of restrictions and distance requirements sure to be in place in 2021, you’ll probably find the country less crowded, too. Places that are normally overwhelmed with tourists in peak season might not be that way in 2021. This remains to be seen, but it looks like a likelihood for all travel in the near future.

4. Oceanfront villas are secluded and serene.

If you’re still keen on keeping your distance for a while to prevent contracting the virus, booking a private oceanfront villa is the perfect way to do it. Staying in a private villa in Costa Rica still allows you an idyllic vacation without having to deal with crowds.

Viruses can stick around for a long time. Even when you’re ready to get out and about, you should still avoid densely-packed tourist activities like tour buses, popular museums like the Louvre, theme parks, and bar crawls. A tropical vacation in a private setting is a fantastic vacation with no crowds required. It’s easy to keep your distance on a beach, and avoiding hotels means you’re unlikely to come into contact with too many strangers.

5. There’s no better way to destress after all the events of 2020.

What with pandemics, elections, economic crises, and everything else, you’re hardly alone if you say you’re the most stressed out you’ve ever been.

There is simply no better way to unwind and come back to what really matters in life than to embrace the Costa Rican motto of Puravida. This concept brings you back into the present moment, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and embrace relaxation as part of a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. A tropical vacation in this paradise on earth is not necessarily just an indulgence, but a way to heal your frazzled nerves. You’ve been through a lot this year, and you deserve it.

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