Costa Rica Souvenirs: Bring Home These Meaningful Treasures

blue sky over beach with palm trees and beachgoers in the distance

With the plethora of souvenir shops across Costa Rica overwhelming you with choices, it might be hard to sort out what’s truly authentic and find a gift you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ve compiled our favorite Costa Rica culture, rainforest, and beach souvenirs so you don’t have to stress about gifts while you’re enjoying the Pura Vida. Find something for everyone on your list with this collection of top Costa Rica souvenirs.

1. Costa Rican Coffee

You can’t go to Costa Rica without sampling the world-famous coffee. Even coffee skeptics have been converted by the rich, fresh, and flavorful varieties of coffee Costa Rica has to offer. Pick up a bag of whole coffee beans to give to coffee connoisseurs in your life, and/or take home a treasure trove of coffee for yourself.

2. Chorreador de Cafe: Costa Rican Coffee Maker

If you’re going to enjoy authentic Costa Rican coffee at home, you have to have the proper equipment to make it. A corridor de cafe is what you’ll need to make the best Costa Rican brew.

A chorreador is similar to a pour over in that the hot water drips over the coffee grounds, but it has a unique, stylish look and uses a cloth filter instead of paper. It’s both a great conversation piece and a great way to brew coffee.

3. Authentic Handmade Jewelry

The jewelry design industry is thriving in Costa Rica. Many artisans make Costa Rican souvenir jewelry out of bamboo, seeds, and other natural elements from the country’s unique landscape. It’s easy to find—you’ll find handmade Costa Rican jewelry all over the country in artisan markets and gift shops. They’re an easy gift to bring home for the lucky lady in your life, and they’re a great beach souvenir to remember your trip by.

4. Costa Rican Chocolate

Cacao is native to the jungles of Costa Rica, and you can find some of the most exquisite, delectable chocolates right here. Costa Ricans invent creative and unique chocolate products you won’t find anywhere in the world, such as chocolates mixed with ginger and banana.

Make sure you get chocolate that’s sustainable and from a Rainforest Alliance certified farm. Organic is not only better for the environment and Costa Ricans, but it’s almost always tastier, too.

5. Futbol Jersey

Futbol, or soccer, is the most popular sport in Costa Rica by far. If you’ve spent time in Costa Rica watching futbol with the locals, you might have grown attached to a team or two. Show your support and pick up one of their jerseys.

6. Banana Paper

Banana paper is a common, sustainable material in Costa Rica, but it’s a unique conversation piece if you live well outside of Central America. Pick up this quirky beach souvenir and write some handmade letters to loved ones back home.

7. Salsa Lizano and Hot Sauce

Costa Rica is famous for its salsas and hot sauces. You’ll find Salsa Lizano, a thick vegetable sauce almost like a steak sauce, on almost everything. It’s tangy, spicy, and ridiculously addicting.

Hot sauces are just as famous—you need them for chiliguaro cocktails, after all! Both Costa Rica souvenirs are an inexpensive and easy way to bring home a taste of Costa Rica long after your vacation is over.

8. Woven Hammocks and Hanging Seats

You’ll see colorful hand-woven hammocks and seats hanging from palm trees, decks, and anywhere you can find a spot on the beach. They’re generally made from organic, sustainable fibers, and are sold at a relatively low price. If you’re not lucky enough to live by a waterfront at home, this beach souvenir is perfect for your backyard or indoor bohemian setup.

9. Ox Cart Souvenirs

The brightly painted ox cart is a symbol of Costa Rica and is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You’ll probably see them everywhere on your vacation. A popular Costa Rica souvenir is a miniature painted version of these ox carts. You’ll find them everywhere, from tourist shops to roadside markets.

10. Guaro

You may or may not want to remember the effects a chiliguaro shot had on your system, but in case you do, bring a bottle of Guaro back home.

For those who don’t know, Guaro is a clear, slightly sweet-tasting liquor derived from sugar cane. The most popular drink with Guaro (and perhaps the most popular drink in Costa Rica as a whole) is the chiliguaro drink, which is essentially tomato juice, hot sauce, and guaro. The famous brand of Guaro is Costa Rica Cacique Guaro if you want the most authentic Costa Rica souvenir, but there are lots of other brands to choose from.

The Best Costa Rica Souvenir? Memories of Casa Teresa

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