Exploring the Handmade Jewelry in Costa Rica

Assorted selection of gems and stones

Santa Teresa isn’t just home to great surf, delicious food, and more types of exotic wildlife than you can count. We also play host to some of the most talented jewelers in the entire Pacific. If you want something a little more solid than memories or photographs to bring back with you from your trip to paradise, take a look at Casa Teresa’s list of our highest recommended handcrafted jewelry in Costa Rica.

  • Malie Jewelry: One of the preeminent destinations for gorgeous handmade jewelry, Malie sets itself apart from other Costa Rica jewelry stores thanks to its proprietors’ use of pure sterling silver. Utilizing a variety of gemstones and indulging in sumptuous custom orders, Malie Jewelry is a sterling example of Costa Rica handmade jewelry at its finest.
  • Studio Colectiva: Studio Colectiva are some of the area’s most reliable tastemakers, and they always have something fresh and stylish to offer to their patrons. A truly chic locale, Studio Colectiva also carries stylish clothes, fragrances, makeup, and photobooks, making it one of the most versatile Costa Rica jewelry stores to make a splash on our list.
  • By the Sea: A relatively new face on the scene, By the Sea is already making a big impression on the Nicoya Peninsula thanks to the stunning shell jewelry they provide. Taking major inspiration from native folklore and having worked with brands like Comme des Garcons, By the Sea is one of the major new creators of jewelry in Costa Rica to look out for.
  • Blade and Bone Collective: Like most well-known Costa Rican jewelry, handmade items are the name of the game at Blade and Bone. They specialize in crafting with silver and crystals, making them a great place to consider if you want a unique souvenir to take home with you from your stay at Casa Teresa. What makes them extra special—they double as a barbershop! 
  • Ek Art Jewelry: This incredible crystal, silver, and stone jewelry is inspired by the gorgeous nature that surrounds the studio. A stunning example of jewelry in Costa Rica, Ek Art creates new inventive pieces every week and uses a sustainable mindset to craft their pieces. As an homage to nature, they also incorporate seashells, sea glass, fossils, and handpicked stones in their work.

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Experience True Luxury at Santa Teresa

Wherever your interests lie, Casa Teresa has the resources and the commitment to luxury to give you an experience no other estate can match. Magnificent jewelry is only one of the many shopping experiences you’ll be able to indulge in as soon as you touch down on Santa Teresa. Our corner of Santa Teresa is brimming with world-class boutiques that will provide you with souvenirs to last a lifetime. Whether you’re observing the brilliant wildlife of the Pacific or browsing the finest jewelry in Costa Rica, Casa Teresa is just a (precious gem) stone’s throw away from anything you could ever want to see or do on your vacation.

To get started on setting up the luxury-class adventure of a lifetime, get in touch with us today and ask about the rates and availability of our rooms. You can expect nothing but the best from us whether you’re interested in dining, shopping, meditation, or any other activity you can think of to enjoy. See what sets Costa Rica handmade jewelry apart from the rest and book a stay with Casa Teresa today.