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This tropical paradise might be known for its exquisite beaches and gorgeous wildlife, but what you might not have heard before is that shopping in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica can also be an incredible experience thanks to its wide array of boutique stores. If you’re looking to bring back more than photos and memories from your trip, take a look at our guide to the best shopping that happens to be just a stone’s throw away fro Casa Teresa.

Camisado Vintage

If you’re looking for fun and funky clothes from days gone by, Camisado Vintage will be right up your alley. A small store that’s making a splash in Costa Rica, any Santa Teresa shopping adventure will be improved by taking advantage of Camisado’s array of clothing in all kinds of shapes, styles, and colors.

Bri’ah Art Gallery

What better way to keep a unique little slice of your destination of choice than by picking up some work from the area’s talented local artists? Not only does Bri’ah Art Gallery boast some lovely artworks created by locals, but they also host a family-friendly art class that makes for a great way to indulge your creative side during your vacation.

Van Parijs Gallery

Find an art style here you won’t find anywhere else. Johanna Van Parijs’s abstract, mixed-media collage artworks are a must-see when visiting the boutiques of Santa Teresa. She finds inspiration from the beautiful oceans of the surrounding area, and also works as an interior designer and healing instructor.

Design by Sig

Boutique Shopping in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica carries a special appeal because, due to the intimate nature of the town’s size, you’re always guaranteed to come away with something that you can’t find anywhere else. Such is the case with Design by Sig, a purveyor of handcrafted yoga healing stones and beyond that have engendered the fandom of celebrities like Mario Lopez and Randy Jackson.

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Chakra Bikinis

Chakra Bikinis boasts handcrafted bikinis with a unique design inspired by yogic influences. If you’re shopping in Santa Teresa for a Costa Rica style bikini that no one else will have, you can’t go wrong with taking a peep at this singular family-owned business.


Denga is not only one of the most famous surf shops in Santa Teresa—it’s also one of the most beloved. This tropical mainstay has been serving surfers and skaters alike for years, and even if you don’t ride any boards yourself, you’re sure to find a souvenir here that will be worth treasuring.

Tica Surf Bikinis

Another iconic shopping experience in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica has been making great use of the stylish and functional swimsuits offered by Tica Surf Bikinis since 2004. Owner and founder Veronica Quiros doesn’t just make bikinis that look fantastic, she crafts them to be able to handle whatever the waves might throw your way, making it a must-visit for those even marginally interested in the local surf.

Jackalopes Surf Shop

A mere ten-minute drive away from your next favorite Santa Teresa boutique, Jackalopes Surf Shop is outfitted with everything you need to enjoy the beach to its utmost. Not only do they carry boards and surf lessons, but they also trade in locally made jewelry and surf clothing that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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Shopping in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is Even More Fun with Casa Teresa

If you’ve had fun reading about all the great shops that await you in Santa Teresa, wait until you see the gorgeous tropical landscape that surrounds them! Not one element of your trip will be geared away from giving you the ultimate luxury experience: from the moment you step off your private chartered flight to the last sweep of boutique shopping before you have to head home, Casa Teresa is dedicated to showing you the best of Costa Rica shopping during your Santa Teresa adventure. Urban relaxation and jungle exploration alike await you when you choose to stay at our little slice of heaven.

For an experience you’ll never forget, get in touch with us and plan your next vacation now. You won’t be able to find an experience like this anywhere else, and we spare no expense to tailor your holiday experience with us directly to your needs. If you’ve ever wanted to see a Santa Teresa boutique up close and personal, you won’t be able to find a better way of doing so than you will with Casa Teresa.

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