Costa Rica Gift Guide

A red box with “Merry Christmas” wrapping paper sitting on a sandy beach

If a friend or loved one can’t come with you on your trip to Costa Rica, a gift can bring a taste of the Pura Vida into their lives. These luxury travel gift ideas are both classic yet unique, and they’re sure to please a wide range of tastes and personalities. Bring a little piece of magic home with you to preserve your memories of Casa Teresa!

Authentic Handcrafted Jewelry

Costa Rica’s gorgeous natural landscape has inspired a legion of talented artisans, both locally and abroad. The art scene is thriving here, and jewelry is no exception.

Costa Rica is one of the finest places in the Americas to find handcrafted jewelry. Many craftsmen incorporate fossils, seashells, sea glass, and locally-sourced semi-precious stones into their work, so you can wear a literal piece of Costa Rica. You won’t have a hard time finding beautiful local jewelers wherever you choose to stay.

If you’re interested in discovering and supporting local artists during your stay at Casa Teresa, make sure you explore our guide to the best handmade jewelry stores in Costa Rica.

Artisanal Hot Sauce

The private chefs that come to our villa use artisanal hot sauce in a number of local dishes. It’s hard to bring the flavor of Costa Rica to another place without incorporating fresh meat, fish, and native produce, but hot sauce is the solution. 

Hot sauce can seem on the low end of luxury travel gifts, but it can also be gourmet and highly sought-after. Handmade hot sauce is a thoughtful Costa Rica gift that helps others taste a bit of Central America from anywhere in the world.

Costa Rican Coffee Products

Don’t just go for the coffee with the best marketing team or advertising program — Britt, for instance, is very good, but it’s not the best you could possibly find. You need to find the coffee that locals recommend. 

We highly recommend going on a tour of a coffee plantation and purchasing coffee directly from the farmers. You’ll not only be cutting out the middleman and supporting a hardworking business, but also ensuring you come away with an excellent Costa Rica gift.

Also consider buying a traditional Costa Rican coffee maker, a chorreador, as a unique luxury travel gift to pair with the coffee. 

Costa Rican Chocolate

You can hardly say you’ve been to Costa Rica without trying some of the delicious native chocolate. You can always go for the major brands like Britt and Choco Frutas, but what’s more special is if you go on a chocolate tour and/or pick some up from your local retailer — just like coffee. Handcrafted and local is always best!

Locally Made Sarongs, Towels, and Beach Wear

Sarongs are lightweight, usually colorful pieces of fabric used to cover up on the beach. They’re incredibly popular as swimsuit covers and stylish outer layers for beachside living. There’s no better place to find a beautiful, functional sarong than Costa Rica. 

Search any shop or stall along the beach and you’ll find an endless supply of kaleidoscopic Costa Rica gifts fluttering in the wind, including sarongs, towels, and swimsuits.

The Best Luxury Travel Gift: A Stay at Casa Teresa

Without a doubt, the best Costa Rica gift is the gift of staying here in luxury. As one of the finest luxury villas in Santa Teresa, Casa Teresa is able to supply you with any luxury amenity you desire. You can arrange endless tours and transportation, exotic wildlife or water adventures, and even plan a special event or destination wedding in paradise. 

We would love to welcome you to our private villa. If you’d like to inquire about availability and/or book your stay, contact us today.