Personalized Costa Rica Travel Itinerary Ideas

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Looking to set up a Costa Rica vacation itinerary but you’re overwhelmed at all the options? The dedicated staff at Casa Teresa luxury villa has all the knowledge and resources you need to make your trip one to remember. 

For this guide, we’ve separated our ideas into short term (under ten days) or long term (over a week, ideally at least a month). No matter how much vacation time you have, these Costa Rica travel itinerary ideas can inspire you to plan the trip of your dreams.

For The Adventure Seeker

Is high-thrill adventure seeking your style? If so, Costa Rica has many delights in store for you. Nature lovers and adventure tourists flock to Central America for everything from water sports to skydiving. It’s one of the best places in the world to have a one-of-a-kind adventure!

Short term ideas:

  • Make sure you go on a zipline canopy tour! You absolutely must try a canopy tour if you’re in Costa Rica. Soaring above the forest only takes a few hours on average, but it’s an experience you’ll never forget. 
  • Swim or hike around rainforest waterfalls. Montezuma Falls is a 40-minute drive from Casa Teresa Luxury Villa, and you can usually swim at the bottom of the falls!
  • Go snorkeling. You can add this to your Costa Rica travel itinerary any time, any day, and you can discover the beauty of the sea right in your backyard at Casa Teresa! 

Long term ideas:

  • Go on a multi-day hiking or camping excursion! There are too many hiking opportunities in this beautiful country to count. From volcanoes to rainforest paradises to remote off-coast peninsulas and islands, Costa Rica is a hiker’s dream. Important note: for many protected national parks in Costa Rica, you’ll have to book a guided hiking tour or camping spot well in advance. Many sensitive biomes with endangered species are inaccessible without a guide.
  • Join a surfing school. Sure, you can take classes for a day or so, but the best way to actually learn how to surf is to take long-term classes over a month at least. Santa Teresa is famous for long-term surfers, and the variety of surf beaches makes it excellent for any skill level.
  • Go on a helicopter or private plane tour. With our concierge services, you can arrange virtually any tour in any vehicle. We can plan your tour at any point in your Costa Rica vacation itinerary. 

For the Laid-Back Leisure & Wellness Lover

If you’re escaping a stressful life and you’re looking for a place to call home, Casa Teresa Luxury Villa was designed to fulfill that need. We’ve done a lot to make our villa feel like home, ; we have intentionally and mindfully curated the space so you can achieve a deep state of relaxation. 

Read more about the therapeutic benefits of a stay at Casa Teresa.

Short term ideas:

  • Hire a private chef to try new Costa Rican cuisine. We can accommodate all tastes and dietary requirements, including vegan dining.
  • Book a massage therapist. A masseuse can set up a massage studio right in the comfort of Casa Teresa for any number of guests. 
  • Do nothing but sit back, swim, and read a book. Yes, that’s right! Sometimes the urge to constantly be “doing something” may be contributing to your stress levels. Use your short vacation to free yourself of obligations and experience the Pura Vida in the moment, Costa Rican style.

Long term ideas:

  • Add an extended yoga and meditation retreat to your Costa Rica vacation itinerary. Yes, a one-day yoga class is nice, but the best way to reap the body and mind benefits of yoga and meditation is by long-term practice. Learn to clear your head and develop calming habits you’ll take with you the rest of your life.
  • Go on a wildlife excursion. Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, and nature is incredibly healing to your body and mind. Casa Teresa can arrange a tour for your Costa Rica travel itinerary that lasts a day or more.

Are you a digital nomad? Casa Teresa is a great place to showcase on social media or enjoy as part of your globetrotting, nomadic lifestyle. Make sure you read our Costa Rica travel itinerary ideas for how to manage a “workcation”, i.e. how to change your office locale into a glamorous paradise!

Come Experience the Pura Vida at Casa Teresa

No matter what kind of vacation you’re after, our concierge services can provide all the assistance you need to fulfill every last expectation. We can make bookings, plan your schedule, make recommendations, and help set up the villa to your specifications. Contact us today and we’ll help you create the luxury vacation you’ve always dreamed of.