My Remote Paradise: Taking a Work-Cation at Casa Teresa

Photo of a laptop and smart phone with tropical beach on their home screens

Taking a workcation at Casa Teresa is an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Why be cooped up in a stuffy office when you can work peacefully with a naturally stunning view and reliable WiFi? Working remotely from Costa Rica is perfect for those who work in high-stress industries, as well as individuals seeking a relaxing change of scenery. Let’s take a look at our amazing workcation destination, Casa Teresa, and how it can benefit you. ‘

Boost Productivity 

To achieve your professional goals and run successful businesses, you need high amounts of productivity. A workcation at Casa Teresa can help you greatly boost productivity in many ways:

  • Privacy – When you stay at our Casa Teresa luxury beach house, you are staying at a secluded and private property. You and your guests will have access to over 4,000 square feet of living space. Your space is not shared with any guests or persons who are not a part of your party or group. The property also comes equipped with a professional private security team. We go above and beyond to ensure your privacy and safety at all times.
  • Peaceful and Quiet – Casa Teresa is always peaceful and quiet. Nestled in 1.3 tropical acres, you won’t have to worry about overhearing your neighbors. Enjoy the natural tranquility of your environment while you work and brainstorm in paradise. 
  • Relaxation – Casa Teresa is a perfect workcation destination because you can truly unwind and relax after work. Enjoy your time off with a swim in the immaculately turquoise water with exclusive beach access. Or, eat an amazing meal at a nearby world-class restaurant. Most importantly, recharge your battery and get rejuvenated to take on a new workday. 

Private Chef

Work seamlessly while enjoying your workcation with your very own private chef. Meal planning and preparing can take a huge chunk out of your day. We understand that once you’re in the flow of work or busy with phone calls, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself with nourishing food. 

Take the stress out of meal planning while you enjoy having a private chef at Casa Teresa. Your private chef will take care of all of your needs. Just let your chef know what you’re in the mood for eating and they will take care of the rest.

Health and Wellness

woman enjoying a tension release facial treatment

While working remotely from Costa Rica, we want to ensure that our guests are well taken care of. 

After work, you can unwind with a massage therapy session. Massage therapy will help you relieve stress and tension. Massage therapy can also help you to get better quality rest. Let your work feel easier when you start them on the right foot. 

During your workcation at Casa Teresa, you can also enjoy guided yoga and meditation sessions. Recenter, rebalance, and rejuvenate yourself after all of your hard work. 

Personal Concierge 

While staying at Casa Teresa, you will have access to a 24/7 personal concierge. Your personal concierge will ensure that you have everything you need to have a productive workday. This service is especially beneficial to those who enjoy having a personal assistant while back at home. Let your personal concierge know what you need, and they will make it happen. 


An astounding workcation destination such as Casa Teresa will provide you with numerous excursion options. Partaking in fun adventures during your off days will boost creativity, provide you with inspiration, and completely open your mind to new ideas. 

You may have had writer’s block the day before, but after having a beautiful boat ride, your thoughts will flow. Think of brand new ideas after enjoying a private charter tour. Whip up new business plans after having a fun ATV ride. Reconstruct business models after snorkeling. The possibilities are endless. 

Is it hard to stay focused during a workcation?

While having a workcation at Casa Teresa, staying focused on your work can be a breeze. On top of having a massive amount of space for yourself and your guests or colleagues, you also have access to your very own personal concierge. If for any reason you’re finding it a little difficult to focus, please let us know. We would love to accommodate you in the best way we can.