What’s Next in Luxury Travel Trends

Person standing by the ocean on Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

While expectations for travel have changed in the wake of the pandemic, vacation destinations such as Costa Rica have made it easy to consider long-term escapes from the everyday. What are some of the trends we’re seeing, and what is the forecast for what’s next in luxury travel? Let’s explore.

1. Bucket Listing: Jetsetters are interested in feeling like a local while also having their own exclusive, private place to call home, trying new cuisine, and going beyond any resort itinerary. True luxury travelers are looking to experience the hidden wonders without herds of tourists nearby. At Casa Teresa, there are so many exclusive opportunities to encounter adventure in Costa Rica. You can see wildlife on a private jungle adventure and mark it off the bucket list. It’s all about the you-only-live-once mentality when it comes to booking thrilling and luxurious trips. 

Beautiful Costa Rica Beach Shore

2. Privacy Please! – An ongoing luxury travel trend calls for ditching overpopulated hotels for the sweet peace that comes with a private villa. Casa Teresa is a personal paradise complete with personal massage therapists and a private chef ready to help you feel at ease with zero obligations.

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3. Everyone’s A Foodie – Speaking of private chefs, luxury travelers are taking their wellness and dietary preferences seriously during travel. People are seeking vacation destinations that happily comply with even the most particular palate. Casa Teresa goes beyond expectations by having a private chef available to book for your stay. Enjoy local delicacies or request a taste of home without a second thought. And, while the chef prepares meals, you can enjoy yourself just a little longer at the pool, on the beach, or resting anywhere in our 4,700 square feet of well-appointed and high-end, though comfortable, furnishings.

4.Full Staff – This lasting and essential luxury travel trend ensures access to all-inclusive amenities without any gimmicks. Quality is everything. Travelers seeking a luxurious escape will be pleased to find Casa Teresa has every base covered. Every part of your vacation will be well maintained with the help of convenient 24/7 concierge service and the rest of the staff. De-stress knowing everything you need or desire to enhance your stay can be yours. From private chefs and massage therapists to ATV and boat rentals, a dream vacation becomes reality. With everything catered to you at Casa Teresa, you’ll never want to leave the villa.

5. Wellness Trips – Taking a wellness-themed vacation to a gorgeous beachside villa with private massage therapy sessions is a luxury traveler’s dream. At Casa Teresa, mental health days consist of private yoga and guided meditation sessions before heading to a massage appointment. As trendy as upscale spas may be, there is no better feeling than not having to leave your villa for anything! As more travelers begin to explore bucket list type locations like Costa Rica, Casa Teresa is the perfect place to embark on a luxury family vacation or much-needed trip with your friends and/or family. When you’re not on another exciting adventure, you can focus on your own health.

6. Destination Weddings – Lovebirds looking to make a statement with their nuptials adore a private beach location like Casa Teresa. If a destination wedding is in your future, check into the gorgeous beachside property that will steal your breath away. Your wedding party will love the luxurious location and they get to enjoy the full-service offerings for everyone in your group. Luxury travelers go all out on the happiest day of their life. 

Luxurious trends in travel are born from destinations that foster unforgettable memories with the highest level of luxury service; no matter the type of adventure or vacation you’re looking to create. Everything is taken care of when you stay at the Casa Teresa villa. 

Get in touch with us with any questions you may have, or book your stay today to get started!