Essential Accessories for Luxury Travelers

Essential Accessories For Luxury Travelers

If you’ve been looking for ideas on what to bring to Costa Rica, then chances are you’ve already discovered the basics. Once the shirts and the sunscreen have been packed away, it’s time to plan accessories. Spare no expense when it comes to the travel accessories that will accompany you on your trip. Every essential item can and will enhance your experience! And if you forget the essentials, our concierge at Casa Teresa Luxury Villa is here for you 24/7 to help you.

Start the packing list; here are the essential accessories for luxury travel to Costa Rica:

For Exploration

Essential Accessories For Explore Costa Rica

1. GoProAfter a day (or days) of settling into your private villa, it’s time to let the adventures begin! There’s so much to see and a quality camera or recording device is a must. Land and sea, there are endless, scenic views worth documenting. You can shoot your own nature documentary from the rainforest without disturbing the wildlife. The lightweight portability of GoPro technology is ideal for a trip like this. Each adventure is a great photo and video opportunity to treasure forever. 

2. Hiking boots – Jetsetters know the importance of quality vacation footwear. Once you’re settled into your villa, your pair of comfortable hiking boots will be your daily shoe of choice if you’re looking to explore nearby trails. It’s a fun addition to any offsite excursions you may take. In Costa Rica, you should wear shoes with good breathability and slide resistance. Luxury travelers who are hooked on tropical climates understand it’s an investment in sufficient shoes. They’re meant to last you for many years. In order to experience the island firsthand, you need the proper attire. 

3. Passport Case – Want to know how luxury travelers keep calm and adventure on with their valuable travel documents? Knowing they’re safe all in one passport case. Equal parts sleek and functional, a proper passport carrying case makes travel a breeze and fits perfectly in a carry-on. Once you bring it once, you’ll never forget it again. At Casa Teresa, whether you’re renting a boat or hanging poolside, you and your travel essentials are protected by 24/7 private security. You get to enjoy total privacy your whole trip. 

For Relaxation  

4. Silk sleeping mask – R&R awaits, so a good sleeping mask is great to bring to Costa Rica. Seeking a moment of zen? Sign up for a guided yoga or meditation session, then rest and rejuvenate in style. Looking to release some tension? Book an appointment with your private massage therapists, From Swedish technique to aromatherapy to deep tissue, pick your pleasure and slip into total relaxation. After the session, you can float back to your bedroom on cloud 9. Plus, as most luxury travelers know, once you get used to traveling with a silk eye mask, there is no going back.

5. Kindle Don’t forget to pack a Kindle loaded with exciting eBooks for your trip. This is an essential accessory for anyone looking to relax by reading. Save room in your luggage by ditching the physical books. This modern-day portable library is the perfect travel accessory. When you stay at Casa Teresa, there is provided personal transportation for the last leg of the journey via private charter, commercial flight, or scenic helicopter ride. That gives you an opportunity to get through a few chapters. Or you could wait to open your book when you have free time while your personal chef prepares your next meal. How you actually spend your time is entirely up to you but it is incredibly satisfying to dig into a new book in your very own luxury villa.

Woman wearing a fun bikini and a hat

6. Stylish + Comfortable Swimwear- Pack your most stylish swimwear and beachy loungewear with peace of mind. Your comfort is a top priority which is why we go above and beyond to make sure your trip is exactly how you like it. Bask in total freedom within the Casa Teresa villa. With such beautiful beachside views and a beautiful pool, your best bathing suits will be as essential as toothpaste. Costa Rica is home to some of the most beautiful shimmering ocean water ready for you to take a dip.

If you need anything else, from bug spray to wedding party favors, our 24/7 concierge service is here for you. Day and night, our professional team members are available to ensure your stay is nothing short of pure bliss. They make a great resource for excursion advice or locating any other luxurious accessories you may need. Let your stay at Casa Teresa Luxury Villa spark wanderlust for travel destinations like gorgeous Costa Rica.