Looking For a Beautiful Beach House to Showcase on Social Media? You’ve Found It

Poolside View Casa Teresa Night Time

Ok, so let’s admit it. You haven’t really gone on vacation if you don’t share your pics on social media. When looking for the perfect beach vacation spot, you want something that photographs well and inspires the envy (or at least the “likes!”) of all of your friends. Are you ready to book an Instagram-worthy getaway? Here’s why Casa Teresa is your number one choice.

The Best Ocean View in Santa Teresa

There are few villas in Costa Rica with an ocean view right behind the pool. And at Casa Teresa, you’re looking at the most pristine section of coastline that’s available anywhere in Santa Teresa — located a mere 75-100 years from the house.
Whether day or night, the ocean-pool view is your go-to spot for selfies or a glimpse of the wonders of nature. We love taking photos here with our guests at the end of their stay to showcase this one-of-a-kind beach vacation spot. You can view our photos with guests on Instagram. Maybe your photo will be the next to be featured!

World-Class Moroccan Architecture

Casa Teresa is technically a house, but in reality, it can comfortably accommodate eight. And if you’re coming to Casa Teresa for a surfing retreat or destination wedding, you’ll want to take advantage of the chance to use the house as a backdrop for dozens of photos.

Built with contemporary Moroccan inspiration, the architecture of Casa Teresa provides the perfect beach vacation spot for photoshoots of every description. Curved, petal-shaped wall features, geometric doorways, patterned light shades, and colorful features provide endless ideas for creative photography — and of course, it’s always maintained to perfection.

Lush Costa Rican Gardens

Outside of the villa itself, we have 1.3 acres of lush, tropical gardens featuring exotic and native Costa Rican species. Be sure to get some up-close shots of the vibrant flowers, large evergreen leaves, and colorful critters, or use the impressive foliage as a backdrop for some vacation pics.

If you have a particular shot in mind, be sure to talk with our concierge staff. From romantic or honeymoon photoshoots to group pictures at a surfing retreat, we will be happy to assist you in taking the best possible photos of this world-class beach vacation spot.

Intriguing Details that Continue to Wow

If architecture and gardens weren’t enough, Casa Teresa also offers several additional features that provide fertile inspiration for photography. Indoors and outdoors, you will find flowing fountains, crystal-clear waters, and decorations that provide a feast for the eyes. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you return to this same beach vacation spot, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the details of this luxury escape again and again. It’s no wonder Casa Teresa is the destination of choice of several high-profile celebrities!

Social-Media-Worthy Shots around Santa Teresa

Surfing at Costa Rica

When you’re ready to explore the spectacular surroundings, the environment around this beach vacation spot won’t disappoint. From sunrise to nighttime, the coast offers the ideal setting for shots of surfing, snorkeling, sandcastles, and skylines.

If you decide to book a charter boat tour, you might capture sightings of dolphins, whales, manta rays, and nudibranchs. Closer to the coast, the Malpais tidepools at Mar Azúl provide a colorful world where you can spend hours photographing anemones, sea urchins, crabs, and fish.

Cliff Dives and Winding Rivers

A little further afield from our beach vacation spot, you’ll stumble upon one breathtaking scene after another. At the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, capture verdant views of tropical toucans, capuchin monkeys, armored armadillos, and white-tailed deer. Around Montezuma, snap majestic volcanoes and sparkling waterfalls, with several pics of your friends jumping off the cliffs into the pool below.

Riding on horseback, you’ll be able to get even closer to life on the Nicoya Peninsula with tracks that pass by family farms and secluded serpentine rivers winding through the landscape. Who knows? You might even sight a rare bird while enjoying a surfing retreat and be the one to capture the moment — making your name front-page news for the day.

Practical Tips for Connecting with Social Media 

Costa Rica has garnered a worldwide reputation for encouraging tourism without ruining its rich environmental treasures. Part of this sustainable approach to development has meant that wiring (and the internet) are more sparse in Costa Rica than what we’re used to in the city.

When you take those influencer-worthy pictures at a hidden waterfall or tidal pool, please be aware that you might not be able to upload them to Instagram straight away. Not to worry, you’ll be able to share the day’s adventures as soon as you return to your beach vacation spot at Casa Teresa.

Casa Teresa — The Ideal Beach Vacation Spot for Digital Socialites

If these photo opportunities have tantalized your tropical tastebuds, Casa Teresa is your ideal destination. Above and beyond the pics you can take of nature, architecture, and your surfing retreat group, we haven’t even gotten started on the shots you’ll take of the amazing dishes specially prepared by your private chef

Costa Rica is truly a tropical paradise and Casa Teresa offers the best of all that this amazing country has to offer. Secure this gem for your next vacation by contacting our team today.