Here’s How to Recover in Luxury After Surfing Santa Teresa’s Famous Beaches

A woman receiving a back massage

Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is famous for its beaches. World-class waves and pristine shorelines grace the coastline with the serenity of a hidden enclave. After days spent surfing the waves or zip-lining through verdant canopies, discover the best ways to recover in the lap of luxury for a balanced, refreshing beach retreat.

Vacation Massage

A beach retreat is your chance to reconnect with your body, mind, and soul, and to get back in touch with the power of nature. After hours riding the ocean currents or soaking up the adrenaline of the heights, a vacation massage provides the ideal way to come down from the high and release the tension of tired muscles.

At Casa Teresa, we offer private massages in the intimacy of your own beachfront rental villa, with the massage therapist and anyone else you would like to be present. Choose from a Swedish, aromatherapy, or deep-tissue massage, or request another style that you prefer. We can easily arrange a massage therapist that specializes in your favorite style to attend you during your beach retreat.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Once you’re feeling physically relaxed, yoga and meditation classes can help you release tension from your mind and soul — melting away your worries and cares. Costa Rica is well known for its mindfulness activities, which are often combined with a spectacular view of nature and the sound of waves lapping gently on the shore.

When you stay at Casa Teresa, you can book personalized yoga and meditation sessions, whether just for you or your entire party. Let us know ahead of time which kinds of yoga and meditation you prefer and we will happily arrange a suitable instructor. We hold the sessions by the pool for a centering beach retreat that combines the best of nature and privacy.

Tropical Buffet

Surfing, caving, zip-lining, and hiking can help you work up quite an appetite, and the local Santa Teresa cuisine is ready to help you recharge. Feast on tropical fruits, fish, seafood, and sourdough with coffee or dine on internationally inspired cuisine.

Casa Teresa offers the luxury of a private chef who can prepare everything from wild-caught sushi to vegan delights — all featuring local, organic produce. As part of your Costa Rican beach retreat, be sure to try some of the world-class restaurants in town along with the fabulous fusions created by our chef.

Lounge in Style

Bedroom pool at Casa Teresa beach retreat

At some point, you’ll probably be ready for some time alone with a bit of welcome R&R. When you’re done with your vacation massage, wellness classes, and have eaten to perfection, it’s time to kick back by the pool or lounge in the comfort of an al-fresco couch. Vacation is also the perfect time to discover a new book or enjoy some time playing board games with your friends.

The 4,700-foot Casa Teresa villa is well designed for indoor or outdoor relaxation, with your own private pool, several alfresco areas, and open-air living spaces and bedrooms. Spend your downtime on your beach retreat relaxing on a sun lounger, couch, or bed, immersing yourself in the sounds of the sea.


Before heading home to your everyday life, finish off your beach retreat in paradise with a professional manicure, pedicure, or both. Saltwater and adventuring can leave your skin a little worse for wear, and a manicure is the ideal way to slough off those dead cells and reveal the silky-soft layer underneath.

When you stay at Casa Teresa, please let our concierge staff know if you’d like to book a manicure or pedicure and we’ll find a therapist to meet you at the villa. Otherwise, head into town and enjoy an afternoon at a beauty and wellness spa before you wind up your tropical vacation.

Refresh and Restore at Casa Teresa

If every cell in your body is screaming “surfing trip in Costa Rica!” then it’s time to start looking for beachfront vacation rentals with the amenities you’ll need to make the most of your trip. Located 75-100 from the most pristine part of Santa Teresa Beach, Casa Teresa offers a first-class experience for surfers and adventurers looking for the perfect balance of action and recovery. Call us to inquire about making a booking and secure your beach retreat in paradise today!