Kids at Casa Teresa: Things They’ll Love to do Without Even Leaving the House

A carved wooden statue of two dolphins and a turtle with the words “Casa Teresa

What is there for kids to do in a private house with a pool? Turns out, a lot! At Casa Teresa, let your kids’ imagination run wild with beach house activities from yesteryear and today. Here are some of our top things for kids to do at Casa Teresa during your vacation in Costa Rica.

Swim in the Pool

Costa Rica’s warm climate (63°F to 81°F) makes your vacation the perfect opportunity to get the kids into the water. The swimming pool at Casa Teresa is maintained to perfection, so it’s always ready for you and the kids to take a dip — and best of all, you’ll have the swimming pool all to yourselves!

If you would like, we can supply a range of inflatable pool toys. We can also arrange swimming or snorkeling lessons for the kids to help you make the most of all that our private house with a pool has to offer. If you’re planning a wedding or event at the villa, simply talk to our concierge staff. We can bring any dream to life!

Games in the Gardens

Casa Teresa is set on 1.3 lush acres of beautiful gardens, which provide the perfect backdrop for imaginative games and adventures. Kids can take advantage of the spacious grounds for any of the following beach house activities:

Hide and Seek

Remember playing hide and seek as a kid? Now supersize the game to 1.3 acres! Casa Teresa’s grounds are full of trees that are ideal for games like hide and seek, sardines, 40-40, and cops and robbers. With secure borders around the entire property, you can rest assured that the kids are safe playing in and around the gardens of our private house with a pool.

Family Picnics

Family picnics are another classic activity that you can enjoy as a family on our spacious property. Our concierge staff and the private chef would be more than happy to prepare a sumptuous spread for your party along with classic picnic games like sack races, three-legged races, egg-and-spoon races, and an old-fashioned ring toss.

Outdoor Sports

With a little equipment and setting up, take advantage of our private house with a pool to play some active games like soccer or baseball. If you have a larger party of guests for a wedding or other private event, outdoor sports can be a lot of fun and help you stay in shape! If it’s just you and your 1+ kids, we can create outdoor games that are tailored to the number of players.

Inside the Villa

Depending on which month you stay at the Casa Teresa private house with a pool, you’ll probably encounter some rainy days. For those times that you’re stuck inside the house, we can provide indoor games to occupy the kids. Classics like card games and board games can create hours of family fun, or if there’s any particular game you enjoy, be sure to ask our concierge staff and we’ll gladly do our best to arrange it.

Indoor workshops are another great option for making the most of your time at our private house with a pool. Maybe your children are interested in cooking, sewing, Costa Rican handicrafts, folk dancing, theater, jewelry making, or ecology. We can arrange for private lessons on any of these topics (or any other topic your kids enjoy) and even help your kids set up a private performance.

Inspire Your Family at Casa Teresa

A mother and daughter carrying a surfboard on the beach in the daytime.

The wide range of beach house activities that we can provide at Casa Teresa is sure to make your trip truly magical. For your children, a special workshop, snorkeling lesson, or outdoor adventure could even mark the beginning of a new lifelong passion! As you talk with our staff about planning your stay at our private house with a pool, think about activities that would make the vacation unforgettable for your kids. We’ll do everything in our power to make your trip to Costa Rica one that your children will treasure forever.