Splurge on a Costa Rica Girls Getaway

group of best friends holding hands while walking on the beach

A luxury adventure during a Costa Rica getaway is a must for you and your best friends. Women have a tendency of putting themselves last and everyone else first. Don’t you think it’s time that you and your girls enjoyed a getaway? Give yourself an opportunity to truly be pampered, guilt-free! Let’s take a look at all of the reasons you should splurge on a Costa Rica girls’ getaway. 

Perfect Location for Fun

The exquisite little country of Costa Rica is the perfect location for fun. Get away for a luxury adventure and memorable bachelorette party or the ultimate college girls reunion. No matter the occasion, you and your girls will have fun being pampered and enjoying life. 

Situated on 1.3 lush acres, enjoy a private party with food catered by your very own private chef. With a 24/7 personal concierge, enjoy having any amenity you need at your fingertips. During your entire stay, you’ll be comfortable and very well taken care of. 

Unwind and Relax

During your Costa Rica getaway, you’ll be able to truly unwind. Let your hair down and get a break from everyday life with your very best friends. Take some time off and enjoy not having to worry about everyday responsibilities. No taking care of the kids or partners – and definitely, no working! 

woman practicing yoga on the beach sand

For a change, you and your girls will be the ones being catered to. And let’s be honest, you all deserve it. Recenter yourself with yoga and meditation. Become one with nature on a hike with beautiful scenery. Help your body to feel whole again with massage therapy by the poolside or on the sandy beach. 

Drama Free Experience

Your luxury adventure will be a totally drama-free experience. You’ll be in your own little private world during your Costa Rica getaway. No gossip, no lack of privacy, and no inauthentic conversations. Being constantly surrounded by drama weighs you down. Give yourself a chance to shake all of the negative vibes off. 

Become a Better Person

Spending time with girlfriends is a necessary refreshment. A break from responsibilities and all of the chaos at home will give you a renewed perspective of life. After recharging your battery, you’ll return home being a better friend, daughter, wife, mother, and person in general. If you’ve noticed that your fuse has been shorter than usual, a girls’ trip is an absolute must. 

Girl Talk

When was the last time you had a chance to truly catch up with your girlfriends? Unload everything you’ve been waiting to talk about for weeks during your Costa Rica getaway. Laugh, cry, do whatever you need to do. What’s important is that you enjoy a genuine experience with friends you’ve shared so many of life’s precious moments with. 

Activities You Can Enjoy

Now that you know why you should splurge on a Costa Rican girl’s trip, let’s talk about some more of the luxury adventures you can enjoy:

  • Beaches – Pristine white sand and crystal clear water await you. Swim in the fresh ocean water with your girls during any time of day and head back to your room feeling refreshed. 
  • Dining – Alongside enjoying your own private chef during your Costa Rica getaway, you’ll also have access to multiple fine dining experiences. If your party is feeling up to dressing up and heading out on the town, check out one of the five amazing restaurants nearby. 
  • World-Class Surfing – Whether you’re an avid surfer or newbie, you will enjoy surfing in the turquoise waters of Costa Rica. Professional surf coaches will teach you and your girls the basics during a fun day of surfing. 
  • Snorkeling – If you absolutely love the water, snorkeling is a fun and exciting way to get a closer look. Enjoy a front-row view of the lushest biodiversity in the tropics while snorkeling during your Costa Rica getaway. 

Book Your Girls Trip Now!

Don’t you think it’s time for you and your girls to spend more time focusing on yourselves? After all, if you’re charged up at 100%, you won’t be in a position to make sure that anyone else is either. Your children, partners, and work can’t benefit from your Superwoman powers if Superwoman is running on fumes. 

Spending time with close friends produces our happy hormone, scientifically known as oxytocin. Your girls’ trip will ensure you’re heading home with loads of happy hormones and ready to take on anything life throws at you. Give yourself permission to put yourself first and book your Costa Rica getaway now!